Princess Cruises to Mexico

Think a vacation to Mexico is only for college students? Although the beaches and resort atmosphere of Cancun is ripe for a weekend of partying, it makes just one of the country’s many facets, which Princess explores with its cruises along the western coast.

Just like its neighbor to the north, Mexico has a rich and varied history, seen today in its cities, coastal towns, and ruins from the Mayan empire. Added to this draw, its landscape creates a beautiful, varied foundation for a range of outdoor activities.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative for soaking in the sun, want to sail the blue waters of the Pacific, or aim to explore ancient ruins, a cruise to Mexico covers all points and then some.

Departure and Itineraries

Four Princess ships leave to head south to Mexico:

• Crown Princess • Golden Princess • Star Princess • Grand Princess

All feature Princess’ standard amenities, from Movies Under The Stars as entertainment for all to elegant dining and the adults-only sanctuary.

Princess starts its cruises to Mexico from either Los Angeles or San Francisco, spending 10 days going round-trip at sea. While some western Caribbean cruises touch down in Cozumel, before going to Belize and Honduras, this Mexican vacation stays exclusively on the continent’s western coast. Typically, after leaving the U.S., Princess stops in Cabo San Lucas, located at the tip of the Baja California peninsula, Puerto Vallarta, Ensenada, La Paz and Loreto.

What to Do

Each Mexican port presents its own range of activities.

Cabo San Lucas, one of the highlights, features ocean-worn rock formations created when this body of land broke off from the country’s mainland millions of years ago. Although the area is now a popular resort destination, replete with white, sandy beaches, it’s the perfect location for spending time on the water. As such, Princess encourages cruises to explore marine life, go fishing, or go whale watching.

But the pace changes once you get into Ensenada. Travelers frequently seek out Mexico’s wineries at this particular port; then, finish off your stay learning about folklore and attending a real fiesta.

Puerto Vallarta offers activities for exploring the tile industry – characterized by beautiful designs added to each – or swimming with dolphins.

When you arrive on land, explore the natural wonders, such as marine geyser La Bufadora, which shoots water 100 feet into the air, or kayak or snorkel in Banderas Bay.

Throughout the year, warm water and a tropical atmosphere ideal for a winter visit. To take in the pleasant climate, spend time outdoors, and explore history and culture, schedule your vacation to Mexico with Direct Line Cruises today.

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