Oceania Cruises to the South Pacific

A map displays it as clusters of small dots stretching between Australia and South America. But each seemingly-small point presents a lush world of beautiful lagoons, endangered species, South Pacific cultures, and European influences.

Oceania traces multiple routes through these wondrous worlds, with luxury accommodations enhancing the already-insightful experience. Its unique Land Programs, allowing you to stay in a major location for multiple days at a time, expands your knowledge, while shore excursions provide several land and sea perspectives.


Oceania’s Marina vessel travels across the South Pacific, with the following itineraries lasting at least 10 days:

From Australia: Itineraries focusing exclusively on Australia and New Zealand let you into the intricacies of culture, landscape, and history. From the Sydney Harbor Bridge to the New Zealand countryside, urban and bucolic characteristics, with English, Scottish, Aboriginal, and Maori influences unfold.

Round Trip from Papeete: Get the full French Polynesian experience with a start in Tahiti. Stunning blue lagoons near white sands, exotic species, rare black pearls, and tropical landscapes tie together the ports of Moorea, Raiatea, Huahine, and Bora Bora.

Australia and New Zealand to Tahiti: Oceania proceeds across the South Pacific – letting you into a world of mud pools, geysers, firewalkers, and tropical plants. Although itineraries vary, stops may include New Caledonia, Fiji, and Samoa.

Papeete to Lima or Chile: Cruises take you through French Polynesia’s many varied islands before exploring the remote locations of Pitcairn, known for its bounty history, and Easter Island, with its haunting Moai statues. Excursions range from hours spend relaxing on soft sands to exploring an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve or observing flora and species found nowhere else on Robinson Crusoe Island.


Allowing cruisers to take in the landscape for just a little bit longer, Oceania schedules Land Programs in three South Pacific locations: Bora Bora, Moorea, and Papeete. While one angles on a romantic vacation and others a relaxing few days to start your trip, all end up with a similar perspective: Experiencing the landscape of large, azure-colored lagoons surrounded by white sands and with coral reefs below.

In ports from Australia to South America, Oceania presents an array of programs for exploring each island:
• Comprehensive scenic tours of islands.
• Underwater adventures to observe coral and marine life.
• Off-road tours that – literally – take you off the beaten path and into the heart of the vast landscape.
• Trips by glass bottom boat.
• Lagoon cruises in small covered boats.
• Undersea safaris.
• Dolphin watching.
• Photo-taking adventures.

Oceania’s elegant vessels combined with the South Pacific’s tropical, exotic landscape make for the quintessential vacation. To experience it for yourself, find an itinerary that works and then book your trip through Direct Line Cruises.

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