Cunard World Cruises

Wherever in the world you want to go, Cunard will take you there.

Trips lasting up to three months on the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, or Queen Elizabeth take you to different parts of the world – a single area for a focused trip or across multiple continents. It’s all about how much of the world you want to see and how you want to see it.

Where You’ll Go and What You’ll Do

Cunard world cruises essentially go all over. Depending on itinerary, which may be as short as eight nights to as long as 59 days, you’ll visit parts of Asia stretching from China and Japan to the Middle East, Australia, the South Pacific’s many island nations, Africa, and Europe. Ships, as well, go across continents, including Australia to Cape Town, Africa, or from southern Africa to Europe. Connecting all, Cunard travels across Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

For 2014, Cunard plans to cover 78 destinations in six continents. Don’t expect just big cities and vast oceans; this luxury liner aims for a more intimate experience, with small villages and ports included. As well, itineraries now take travelers to more stops in South America, Australia, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Giving travelers the full experience are onboard activities unique to each location. As well, trips take you to some of the world’s most majestic harbors, including in Sydney, Cape Town, and Hong Kong. Depending upon where you go, overnight stays, with up to three added per trip, give you greater insight into a destination.

What to Expect On Board

Cunard’s three ships present lavish accommodations, spacious living arrangements, and personalized services. But beyond these facets, Cunard emphasizes the following for its world cruises:

A Sense of Adventure: Rather than cruising to a destination and back to a home port, these one-way cruises take you from one section of the globe to an entirely different region. Joining you in your travels are others seeking this sense of excitement.

White Star Service: Cunard takes personalization up a notch with its cruises, from white-glove elegance to British afternoon tea served on board.

Exquisite Dining: Every meal’s a new experience with Cunard. Fresh, regional ingredients go into every dish, no matter where you are in the world. Options lean toward healthy, with vegetarian meals also available, but are still decadent and elegant.

Speakers: Exploring the world isn’t just what you’ll do in each port. Accomplished speakers join the cruise, with past guests including Sir Jackie Steward, Martin Bell, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Nelson Mandela, as well as many authors, astronauts, philosophers, and politicians.

Explore the world in luxury onboard a Cunard ship. To start your adventure, decide where in the world you want to go, among the cruise line’s many itineraries, and how long you want to be at sea, and then book your trip through Direct Line Cruises.

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