Crystal Cruises to Africa

Crystal unlocks Africa’s history of ancient kingdoms, its breathtaking wildlife, and stunning beaches with two possible cruise itineraries.

The luxury cruise line looks at the continent, generally less explored than other parts of the world, with two itineraries. In one, ships depart from Perth, Australia to sail across the Indian Ocean. From here, travelers get to know many of the eastern coast’s ports.

Or, cruisers may start on the continent – in Cape Town, South Africa, to be exact – to then sail across the Atlantic. After getting a brief taste of Africa from an overnight stay, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some of South America’s most cosmopolitan cities.

Travel Basics

Both itineraries to Africa are on board the Crystal Serenity. As a luxury liner, it debuted in 2003 and is now used for the cruise line’s around-the-world voyages. The ship holds 1,070 passengers and offers a range of entertainment, dining, and enrichment options on board.

Expect to be at sea for at least a few weeks. The Indian Ocean Explorer takes 21 days in going from Perth to its final point in Cape Town, while From The Shadow of Table Mountain spends 15 nights at sea.


Indian Ocean Explorer: Upon departing from Perth, this vessel then cruises across the vast blue body of water known as the Indian Ocean. However, before getting to continental Africa, it stops at a handful of islands – Reunion, Mauritius, and Madagascar – before going down the eastern coast.

From here, sights of beautiful beaches, excursions to explore local wildlife and cultures, and chances to get to know Africa’s varied history unfold in Mozambique and a few South African ports, including Durban and Port Elizabeth. To see more, Crystal offers an overnight stay in Cape Town.

While you travel onboard the Serenity, don’t forget about Crystal’s extensive enrichment opportunities. Stay fit with a pilates class, enjoy yourself with several entertainment options, take an instructive class, or reserve a spot to hear a world affairs expert, writer, or celebrity give a talk.

Once you’re in any of the ports, Crystal offers an array of approaches for getting to know the area. See a broad view of the landscape with a helicopter adventure, take tours of the waterfalls and rivers, see wildlife on a safari or at a game reserve, or go on a cultural tour to learn about history or taste the local cuisine.

As well, to explore Cape Town and Perth a bit more, Crystal’s Classic and Classic Plus hotel programs combine five-star overnight accommodations with your standard cruise itinerary.

From The Shadow of Table Mountain: Get to know one of South Africa’s major urban centers with an overnight stay in Cape Town. Then, as you board this cruise, sail across the beautiful waters of the Atlantic to Uruguay, Buenos Aires, and Rio De Janeiro – three of South America’s major cities.

While excursions let you explore the cosmopolitan, culinary, and outdoors aspects of all three countries, enrichment opportunities overlap with the Indian Ocean Explorer.

For seeing Africa in depth, all while taking a luxurious, informative cruise, schedule your trip on board a Crystal ship today. Find an itinerary through Direct Line Cruises, reserve it, and then take advantage of discounts.

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