Want to see the world? Simply book a cruise through Direct Line Cruises. Because of length and ports, itineraries for cruise vacations are practically unlimited. Yet, cruises tend to focus on certain regions, including the following:

The Caribbean

Caribbean CruisesNo matter which island your cruise sails to, the Caribbean has a definitive characteristic – one that makes such trips truly a lifetime experience! Soft, white sands form the backdrop of each beach and give way to the clear, picturesque blue waters. Perfect for relaxing, recreation, and scuba diving, such a scene draws thousands of travelers yearly to the Caribbean.

Yet, each culture in the Caribbean islands is different, with unique histories, cuisines, and traditions. Typically, Caribbean cruise trips only touchdown in a handful of islands. As a result, itineraries focus on eastern, western, or southern portions of the region, or for a shorter trip, Bermuda or the Bahamas is closer to the mainland United States.


Kangaroo in AustraliaThis land down under is the perfect winter cruise trip. The continent located in the southern hemisphere has its seasons reversed from us in the United States. But, for a trip, Australia is an exciting and exotic experience. Take a trip to see the continent’s wildlife and sights, such as the Sydney Opera House and Great Barrier Reef. Typically, travelers fly into Australia, although cruises may start in Hawaii or Asia. Longer trips go out into the various surrounding Pacific Nations, including New Zealand, Fiji, and American and Western Samoa.


Asia CruisesOnce considered remote to Western travelers, Asia is turning into a popular vacation destination, either by oceanic or river cruise. In a trip through East or Southeast Asia, see a variety of cultures and histories and experience several cuisines. Itineraries encompass ports in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. Trips typically start from the continent, so travelers must fly into one of Asia's main cities beforehand.


A warm climate is not a prerequisite for a cruise, and with its natural beauty and many outdoor activities for sports and climbing enthusiasts, Alaska is a popular cruise trip destination. Ships depart from Los Angeles, Seattle, or British Columbia and then move up the Canadian coast to Alaska's notable landmarks. While travelers should be prepared for unpredictable weather by bringing appropriate attire, an Alaska cruise trip presents several opportunities for exploring a landscape unfamiliar to many.


European CruiseWhy only experience one or two cities of Europe when you can take in an entire region? No matter if a cruise travels along the perimeter or into the continent via a major river, passengers get to experience sights and history in the northern or Mediterranean region. River cruises further open up the options of experiencing the continent's most historic cities in Germany, France, and Eastern Europe.

A European cruise trip is perfect for exploring many new cultures, cuisines, and sights in a single trip. Cruises tend to start from the continent, or for a longer trip, take a transatlantic voyage from the United States.


The westernmost state of the union consists of eight major islands, with 124 smaller ones, and each has a defining characteristic. No matter if your Hawaiian cruise starts directly from the islands or from the West Coast, itineraries often include popular spots on Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island. Within each location, travelers experience Hawaii's natural beauty of beaches and waterfalls and its melting pot culture.