Hawaii Cruises from Vancouver, British Columbia

Interested in seeing Hawaii? Your best bet might not be to fly directly to the island but to arrive in Vancouver, British Columbia, instead.

Why go up to Canada? Aside from round trips to and from North America, Vancouver’s port has a wide range of cruise lines departing for the Hawaiian islands, covering standard contemporary experiences to a choice of luxury lines.

Additionally, more short cruises – those under the typical two-week timeline – leave from this port more than anywhere else in North America. So, if you’re looking for a taste of the islands without extensive exploration, book your trip from here.

Cruise Lines

Speaking about variety, six cruise lines offer Hawaiian cruises departing from Vancouver:
• Princess Cruises
• Holland America
• Carnival Cruise Line
• Royal Caribbean
• Celebrity Cruises

On the shorter end, your itinerary may last six to 10 nights, with one or two stops in Hawaii before the ship returns to North America. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive experience, you’ll still have a few two-week or longer trips heading out from Vancouver.


Honolulu: Nearly all shorter Hawaiian cruises offer a glimpse of the capital city. Many describe it as having a sophisticated character, and you’ll find it amidst the entertainment, dining, and activities spread throughout. But, Honolulu, believe it or not, is an older city, and its history goes back a few centuries. Its location was optimal for explorers crossing the Pacific, and later, traders stopped by to sell or exchange their wares. Now, Honolulu’s top attractions range from the Aloha Tower Marketplace, spread out over 11 waterfront acres, to Chinatown to its beautiful botanical gardens.

Hilo: For another side of Hawaii, your trip will take you by Hilo, best known for its volcanoes. See the green and black fields by tour or by helicopter, paying close attention to the stunning steam vents and lava tubes.

Maui: Few trips to Hawaii are complete without a stop in Maui. Known as a beachy paradise, it’s the perfect stop for scheduling a snorkeling or whale-watching excursion, but if you’d rather explore inland, consider the parks. Haleakala National Park has some of the most picturesque sunsets, while the Road to Hana lets you travel, by car or bike, past rainforests and waterfalls.

Kauai: Here, you’ll have a chance to see Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Then, for more exploration, make sure to check out Wailua River, the Fern Grotto, or the Napali Coast.

Kona: Aside from its beaches, Hawaii’s known for its coffee, so see where it’s grown and what goes into a cup in Kona. Then, because some of the best beaches for surfing are right by here, catch or marvel at these mighty waves.

For a short or long Hawaiian cruise, find the right itinerary from Vancouver. Browse all options today through Direct Line Cruises.