Hawaii Cruises from San Diego, California

Interested in leaving for Hawaii from the West Coast? When you want to sail and don’t want to fly directly out to Hawaii, begin a cruise from San Diego.

Three cruise lines currently offer such an itinerary, with trips departing from fall through spring and lasting at least 15 days. Depending upon your itinerary, you could return round-trip to North America, see a bit of Mexico first, or explore Tahiti and other points in French Polynesia.

Cruise Lines

Currently Holland America offers Hawaiian cruise vacations sailing from San Diego typically ranging anywhere from 15 to 30 days, with at least eight nights on the water.


Honolulu: Hawaii’s capital city, and also its largest, is perhaps the island group’s most cosmopolitan urban center. You’ll find, perhaps, the greatest array of dining, entertainment, and activities here, but don’t just focus on the nightlife. Honolulu has a wealth of history as a trade center – first for explorers and later for ships making a long journey between North America and Asia. Today, you’ll see several ships in the harbor, and you might have a chance to shop at the Aloha Tower Marketplace, a complex spread out over 11 waterfront acres that’s home to 30 stores and eight restaurants.

Hilo: Hilo’s biggest attraction is Volcanoes National Park, known for its black and green landscape of lava fields. No matter how you choose to explore it, from walking to helicopter tours, watch for lava tubes and steam vents.

Maui: Your ship docks in Lahaina, but you have the whole island to explore. Make sure to schedule time for a snorkeling trip, whale-watching, or tour of Maui’s many natural wonders. For this latter point, the sunrises from Haleakala National Park are a popular draw, while the Road to Hana takes you past rainforests and waterfalls.

Kona: Located in Kailua and right by Hilo, Kona attracts tourists for two reasons: Some of the best beaches for surfing and the world’s best coffee. Make sure to spend time getting to know both while you’re in port.

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