Caribbean Cruises from New York City

Your trip to the Caribbean doesn’t need to start with a plane ride to Miami. When you’re located in the Northeast, New York City offers just as much variety, with a choice of luxury and contemporary lines departing from the city’s ports in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Cruise Lines

Multiple cruise lines offer Caribbean itineraries departing New York:

• Carnival Cruise Line
• Norwegian Cruise Line
• Princess Cruises
• Crystal Cruises
• Cunard Cruises

Keep in mind that trips are limited and spaced throughout the year. Amongst the contemporary lines, Carnival leaves New York from June through October, while Norwegian offers trips in February. Princess, as well, has ships departing from May through July.

Additionally, because of the port’s distance, expect to spend at least two days on the ocean, no matter which cruise line you select.


The typical cruise departing New York lasts seven nights. You’ll have a choice of round-trip and one way itineraries.

Eastern Caribbean: Caribbean cruises leaving New York all present some variation on the Eastern itinerary. On the shorter end, some trips travel down the Atlantic, where they then explore the sights of the Bahamas, known for its European-meets-Caribbean influence in cities like Freeport and Nassau. Then, trips taking this route might head off to Turks and Caicos, an island group not far off the Florida coast.

Others, by contrast, take a longer route, exploring the many islands along the Lesser Antilles. You’ll have the opportunity to see some of the world’s best beaches in St. Thomas. Then, as you travel through Antigua, St. Maarten, and Tortola, your trip takes you through a stunning array of beaches, rainforests, and French, Dutch, and English influences.

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