Caribbean Cruises from Jacksonville, Florida

Your pathway to the Caribbean starts from Jacksonville, Florida. If you’re looking for a convenient departure point for seeing this popular vacation destination, Jacksonville’s northern Florida location lets you access a range of eastern Caribbean itineraries.

Cruise Lines

Currently, only Carnival Cruise Lines departs Jacksonville for the Caribbean, offering two basic itineraries. Cruises last five nights on average and include one-way and round-trip options. On board, you’ll have access to Carnival’s most up-to-date and quintessential features, from a range of activities and entertainment to dining choices for all tastes.


Carnival takes two standard itineraries from Jacksonville:

Eastern: Your ship takes you through some of the region’s most popular ports, letting you into a world of European influences, some of the world’s best beaches, and a bevy of shopping locations. After going through the U.S. Virgin Islands, ships may head to St. Kitts, known for its lush rainforests, snorkeling attractions, and British fortresses. Then, at St. Maarten, known as the region’s most “friendly” island, Dutch and French influences converge, while you’ll have a chance to explore its 30 beaches. Cruises may end in San Juan, full of history, particularly at the preserved Old San Juan, and the gateway to El Yunque national forest.

To the Bahamas: Jacksonville takes you on another path through the Eastern Caribbean. After departing this Florida port, you’ll pass through Key West and then head off to the Bahamas. There, your cruise takes you to two of the country’s cities: Freeport, known for its eco attractions, and Nassau, the country’s capital. As the Bahamas’ largest city, Freeport features a confluence of European, African, and Caribbean influences, is home to many casinos, hotels, and nightlife spots, and is close to several beaches and outdoor attractions.

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