Caribbean Cruises from Galveston, Texas

The combination of visiting some of the world’s most beautiful resorts while exploring ancient ruins draws many to take a Western Caribbean cruise. Because of the distance involved in crossing the Caribbean Sea, ports taking you to this region tend to be in Texas and the southern portion of Florida.

When you have visions of lounging on white sandy beaches, swimming through clear blue waters, and snorkeling to see a coral reef for the first time, start your cruise from Galveston, Texas. You’ll have a choice of cruise lines offering a range of shorter to week-long itineraries.

Cruise Lines

Three contemporary cruise lines start their Caribbean itineraries from Galveston, including: • Carnival, with both standard and Carnival Live Concert at Sea trips. • Royal Caribbean • Disney Cruises

Disney and Carnival tend to dominate the shorter itinerary choices, both offering trips just four or five nights at the sea during January and February. For a longer excursion, a typical cruise out of this port lasts about seven nights.


All Caribbean cruises departing Galveston have round-trip itineraries. You’ll travel around the perimeter and then return to the home port with a combination of the following:

Western Caribbean: Because of its location, Galveston’s one of the more popular ports for starting a Western Caribbean itinerary. From here, your ship stops in Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Progresso, Mexico – all well-known spots for taking in the bright Caribbean sun, relaxing on the beach, and getting to know your South-of-the-border history. From here, longer cruises progress down the Central American coastline, letting you visit Roatan, Honduras, and Belize City. Or, your trip might initially detour across the Caribbean Sea, allowing you to take in the island culture of Jamaica and Grand Cayman.

Eastern Caribbean: If you’re looking to escape to the eastern region, you’ll have a few opportunities during the year. From Galveston, your ship passes through Key West and then spends time in the Bahamas, visiting Freeport and Nassau.

Start your Caribbean vacation from Galveston the next time you plan to travel. To find the right itinerary, browse Direct Line Cruises today.