Canada & New England Cruises from Bayonne, New Jersey

How much do you know about Canada? While this neighbor to the north might not appear far away on a map, travelers in the Northeast seldom consider it a top pick as a vacation destination.

However, as the leaves change color and the temperatures transition from balmy summers to temperate falls, Canada and New England turn into an attractive place to visit by cruise. There’s no driving on back roads to see the foliage. Rather, by ship, you can explore the various coastal towns along the Atlantic and St. Lawrence River, observing the quaint scenery, the region’s distinctive history, and tasting delicious cuisine in the process.

And, getting on board this trip starts with a short drive to Bayonne, New Jersey. Cruises depart August through October, with a choice of itineraries.

Cruise Lines

Within the New York City area’s three ports, the following call Bayonne home for Canada and New England cruises:
• Royal Caribbean
• Celebrity Cruises

Whether you prefer the outdoorsy atmosphere of rock-climbing walls and zip lines on board a Royal Caribbean ship or want the classic refinement of a Celebrity cruise, trips start at three nights on the sea and include a range of round-trip itineraries.


After departing Bayonne, your cruise will stop at a combination of the following ports:

St. John: Located on the Bay of Fundy, this port in Canada’s New Brunswick province is – believe it or not – the country’s first incorporated city. While a fire destroyed a large part of its 400 years of history, you can still spot beautiful Victorian architecture around town. As well, the water’s a particular draw, known for its reversing rapids – you’ll see the water change direction right before you – and high tides.

Portland: Travelers want to visit Portland for a range of reasons: The delicious lobster, vibrant waterfront area, and prototypical New England landscape of lighthouses. In port, too, you’ll have a pick of architectural and historic attractions, entertainment, and restaurants.

Halifax: Nova Scotia’s capital city presents something for everyone. History buffs easily get intrigued by the area’s tie to the Titanic disaster, while the region’s scenery and waterfront are a must for anyone with a penchant for the outdoors. And, for clearly Canadian culture, come by its festivals, pubs, colleges, and cafes.

Bar Harbor: This northern port in Maine lets you into the picturesque landscape of Acadia National Park. While it’s one of the nation’s smallest national parks, it’s also one of the most memorable, with 125 miles of trails for exploring the shoreline, mountains, and cliffs by foot or by bike.

Prince Edward Island: Cruises usually anchor in Charlottetown, but from here, the whole island’s open for exploration. Series Anne of Green Gables draws many tourists, and while you’ll be able to check out the book’s scenic and cultural influences, much of Prince Edward Island goes beyond. Activities focus on the region’s Irish and Scottish influences, while you’ll taste some of the best seafood you’ve ever had.

Quebec City: Some call this city a slice of Europe in Canada. While the architecture and ease of exploration by foot give it an Old World charm, the town’s history and present come together as a confluence of English and French cultures. Take time to explore at your own pace, and don’t forget to include the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, one of the world’s most well-known hotels, on your itinerary.

For finding all Canada and New England itineraries leaving from Bayonne, browse Direct Line Cruises today and schedule your trip.