Canada & New England Cruises from Baltimore, Maryland

Interested in seeing Canada and New England, but don’t want to travel up to New York or Boston? A cruise directly from Baltimore provides such an opportunity.

In doing so, you’ll begin from this Mid-Atlantic port and then travel up the Northeast’s coast to take in the changing scenery of green leaves transitioning to a mélange of vibrant reds, yellows, and orange. But the leaves aren’t all there is to see. In spring, summer, and fall, the weather’s prime for exploring New England’s fishing communities, learning more about American history, and spending time in Canada’s European-influenced cities.

Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean is currently the only cruise line to travel from Baltimore to New England and Canada. Trips on board these contemporary vessels last nine nights at sea and offer a round-trip itinerary.


You’ll spend equal time in New England and Canada with this itinerary. During, you’ll have a chance to explore:

St. John: The largest city in Canada’s New Brunswick province sits on the Bay of Fundy. 400 years of history support this harbor town, the first incorporated city in Canada. As a fire destroyed much of its early architecture, a Victorian influence pervades the area. As you’re in port, make sure to spend some time by the river, where you’ll get to see high-rising tides and reversing rapids.

Portland: Located not far from Boston, Portland has carved out a niche for its delicious lobster and quintessential New England characteristics, such as a working waterfront area and lighthouses dotting the coastal landscape. Explore the area to see history, from Victorian-era architecture and forts, and Portland’s many restaurants and entertainment attractions.

Nova Scotia: No cruise to Canada is complete without a stop in Nova Scotia, where you’ll visit Halifax and possibly Sydney. The former, the province’s capital city, offers a great range of attractions, from history about the Titanic, stunning natural scenery, colleges, a restored waterfront, music festivals in the summer, and many pubs and cafes.

Bar Harbor: Bar Harbor, home to Acadia National Park, makes a must-see destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The park, one of the country’s smallest, presents a picturesque landscape of shoreline, mountains, and cliffs, and lets you explore, by foot or bike, 125 miles of trails.

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