Bermuda Cruises from Bayonne, New Jersey

What many don’t realize is, the New York area has three cruise ports: Two within the city, and one across the river in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Cape Liberty Cruise Port, built fairly recently, is home to two cruise lines leaving for Bermuda. For those in the Northeast, it’s a convenient drive to the port, and from there, you’ll spend time on the ocean and exploring this beautiful, pink-sanded paradise.

Of course, with some itineraries, Bermuda won’t just be all you’ll see. Some take you further into the Eastern Caribbean region, with stops in St. Maarten and Puerto Rico.

Cruise Lines

Within the New York area, two cruise lines offering Bermuda itineraries start at Cape Liberty:
• Royal Caribbean, presenting the classic, contemporary cruise experience.
• Celebrity Cruises, a premium line with smaller, more intimate ships.

Itineraries for both lines last six to seven nights for a round trip.

Keep in mind that, like Boston, Bayonne is a seasonal port. Bermuda trips last from May until October. Then, both lines migrate to Southern ports for the colder part of the year.


St. George’s: The island’s most historical port is now a World Heritage Site, and during your cruise, you’ll have a chance to learn about the British setting up their second settlement in the New World. Of course, as you’re there to relax and enjoy the weather, you’ll have a pick of two major beaches, Tobacco Bay and Achilles Bay. Or, for some exploration, make sure to schedule in a shore excursion to Crystal Caves.

King’s Wharf: This stop on the island’s west side also has historical significance – as a British port used through the Second World War. You’ll have the opportunity to explore its naval history at the National Museum of Bermuda and Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, as well as taking in quintessential Bermudan cultural aspects.

Hamilton: Luxury lines and smaller vessels make a stop in this port, slightly smaller than the other two. It’s a perfect place to walk around: Particularly, the pastel-colored buildings capture the key facets of Caribbean architecture. Too, make sure to include the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute on your list of excursions.

Don’t let the distance preclude you from seeing Bermuda. Schedule your trip from Bayonne, NJ today after browsing itineraries through Direct Line Cruises.

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