Bermuda Cruises from Baltimore, Maryland

Looking to depart the Northeast for Bermuda? Baltimore’s one of the more popular cruise ports taking those on the East Coast to this Caribbean destination and is home to two major cruise lines.

Because of the proximity – Bermuda’s just 700 miles away from this Mid-Atlantic port – cruises take one of three routes. Many trips go to the island, spend a few days in the ports, and then return back to the coast. Others, for more adventure, go through the Bahamas and to other Eastern Caribbean ports, or turn northward, with a jaunt to New England.

Cruise Lines

Bermuda’s a highly requested cruise destination, and for those in the Northeast and along the Atlantic Coast, departing closer to home becomes an option when you go to Baltimore. Two companies begin trips from this location: • Carnival Cruises • Royal Caribbean

A round-trip itinerary on either line lasts five to eight nights.


After you depart Baltimore, your cruise heads directly for the island, where you’ll likely spend several nights in port. Generally, because of contemporary cruise ships’ larger size, you’ll pull into St. George’s, Bermuda’s largest port, and then have the opportunity to explore. Your itinerary, either by ship or by land, may include:

King’s Wharf: The British built this port as a midpoint between Halifax and the West Indies. The historical aspects involving its use up to the Second World War remain, and you’ll have the chance to explore its past at the National Museum of Bermuda and the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. When you want the full experience, of course, King’s Wharf lets you into the island’s culture, through the Bermuda Rum Cake Company and Bermuda Arts Centre. Looking to spend time in the outdoors? A beach and golf course aren’t far away.

Hamilton: Smaller vessels sail into this port, which isn’t too far from King’s Wharf. The pastel-colored buildings make a striking impression – one in line with the island’s pink-hued sands – while for activities, this port’s home to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute.

St. George’s: You might be enticed by the pink sandy beaches, but St. George’s has a decent amount of history. It began as the second British New World settlement, and today, its significance makes it a World Heritage Site. When you’re looking to explore, be sure to spend time at Crystal Caves, or for relaxation, stop by the area’s two major beaches, Tobacco Bay and Achilles Bay.

See the Caribbean with a cruise that starts closer to home. To find an itinerary departing Baltimore, browse Direct Line Cruises today.

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