Silversea Cruises to Australia

The great Down Under embodies everything vast and grand, from miles of ocean to the Outback to Sydney’s cosmopolitan character. That doesn’t mean that sailing on a big ship with thousands of passengers is the only way to get there. In fact, Silversea’s intimacy and luxury weave the perfect setting for exploring this part of the world.

On one hand, the cruise line sets out for the region’s quintessential destinations: The Sydney Opera House, geysers in New Zealand, habitats for wild animals, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Lord of the Rings set. But “big” isn’t all there is, and this cruise line, with ships holding fewer than 500 passengers each, lingers just as long on the seaside villages with European characteristics, the small resort towns, and those situated near natural wonders.


Two ships make voyages to Australia and New Zealand: the Silver Whisper and the Silver Spirit. Both come equipped with the line’s standard features – spacious living accommodations, multiple dining options on board, outdoor pools, libraries, theaters, and a lecture hall. They make the following itineraries: • Australia to Hong Kong • Bali to Australia • Australia to New Zealand • Australia to Fiji

Popular Ports

Sydney: Australia’s largest city – it’s home to 4 million people – serves as the gateway to the country’s quintessential cultural facets. View the Opera House and Bridge from the world-famous harbor, and as you venture inland, Australian beach culture, exotic wildlife, and early history as a penal colony all emerge through various excursions.

Melbourne: Australia’s commercial and cultural capital is heavily influenced by immigrant populations, including Italians, Middle Easterners, and Asians, as well as its role in British history. The city sitting on Port Philip Bay once brought over many with its Gold Rush and, today, has a distinctive Victorian character.

Adelaide: This port began as a 19th century settlement. These days, it’s known for old money, a laidback character, and being a shopping destination.

Perth: The port of Perth opens the door to Fremantle, the capital of Western Australia – the country’s largest state, if you didn’t know already. Slow growth early on led the town to becoming a tourist destination over the years.

Auckland: New Zealand’s most cosmopolitan city sits by 46 volcanic hills. Its 1.1 million inhabitants include large populations of Polynesians, Asians, and Europeans. During your time in port, take time to walk through and visit its many bars, cafes, restaurants, and gardens.

Tauranga: New Zealand’s fastest-growing town has a sunny, seaside character, but beyond that surface, it has turned into a surfing destination and the country’s major exporting location.

Napier: Rebuilding later on resulted in a pervasive Art Deco character – one complementing its well-known Mediterranean climate. These days, it’s both a resort town and a hub for farming and horticulture.

Picton: A maritime town on Queen Charlotte Sound, Picton’s rather small but serves as a major location in the waterways making up Marlborough Sounds Maritime Park.

Akaroa: This Banks Peninsula town is known for the sight of sheep. Travel inland to visit another major New Zealand city, Christchurch.

With Australia and the South Pacific a burgeoning cruise market, visit it in the utmost luxury with Silversea. Find an itinerary that suits your travel plans through Direct Line Cruises today.

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