Silversea Cruises to Antarctica

The bottom of the world rarely warrants a visit. At a glance, landscapes thick and covered with ice appear intimidating, cold, and barren. Yet, beauty and adventure emerge from the seemingly-unchartered character, as if you could sail there and discover it all for yourself.

Silversea presents cruises exclusively visiting Antarctica. Although other lines get close, passing through Cape Horn before traveling up through Patagonia, Silversea’s exploration cruises give one of the most in-depth looks a traveler can have.

An expedition introduces you to the southernmost continent’s well-known facets: wildlife, stunning landscapes, and history. From the ship or on land, sights of penguins and whales draw everyone to observe, while glaciers, ice, and waterfalls converge into a sight like no other.

The Trip

Silversea spends 10 to 21 nights at sea visiting the Antarctic. The Silver Explorer makes the journey, typically from South America. Most are round trip, but a few itineraries continue to Cape Town, South Africa.

Departing Ushuaia or Punta Arenas, this vessel accommodating 132 passengers offers a library, lecture theater, internet center, dining room, gym, sauna, and massage room. Eight Zodiac landing crafts assist with traveling between the ship and the shore.


Silversea travels to the Antarctic Peninsula, making the following stops:

Garabaldi Glacier: The Silver Explorer travels through a narrow passage of fjords, floating ice, and waterfalls.

Drake Passage: The spot of the Antarctic Convergence has cold polar water mixing with a warmer equatorial stream. The spot not only attracts travelers for its sight but further draws whales and birds.

The Peninsula: Silversea spends four days traveling along this region of Antarctica. As you get closer, the ice becomes thicker and the landscape takes on a remote feeling. As well, you’ll spot many marine mammals.

During your time exploring, Silversea has natural history experts guide travelers close to icebergs, near penguin habitats, and to scientific stations. As you travel, you’ll visit the Aitcho Islands, Brown Bluff, Cuverville Island, Paradise Bay, Pamlet Island, Petermann Island, Pleneau Island, Port Foster, and Port Lockroy – some of which explorers previously visited.

If you’re looking to take a cruise like no other, consider seeing the Antarctic with Silversea’s luxury. Itineraries run during the fall and winter months, so book your trip ahead of time with Direct Line Cruises.

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