Seabourn Cruises to South America

Cosmopolitan major cities. The dense Amazon jungle. Fjords and mountains that stunningly extend along the western coast, up from the southernmost limits and through remains of the ancient Incan civilization. Such facets characterize South America, and while you can certainly research and read about this wondrous continent, Seabourn lets you experience it all firsthand.

The Seabourn Quest travels around the coastline in varying degrees – sometimes from the Caribbean, others around Cape Horn, and for longer itineraries, going from Brazil all the way to Valparaiso. No matter the approach, the cruise presents an opportunity to tour the world’s cultural wonders, from vibrant cities with colonial influences to rugged landscapes not far from Antarctica.

Standard Itineraries

Seabourn makes the following trips around South America:

To The Amazon: Seabourn’s small ships – most hold fewer than 400 passengers – are the perfect size for navigating the Amazon. Exotic wildlife and dense jungle exist side-by-side with rubber boomtowns and Brazil’s northern cities at the river’s mouth.

Trips typically begin in the Caribbean and, after stopping in Devil’s Island, then travel to Macapa, Santarem, Parintins, and Manaus. Longer itineraries continue down the Brazilian coast to Natal, Recife, Vitoria, Rio De Janeiro, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires.

Through the Antarctic: Brazil’s beautiful beaches and Buenos Aires’ European character transform into something more rugged once the Seabourn Quest travels south. Visits to the Falkland Islands and Ushuaia bring you to South America’s coldest point, and once you go through Cape Horn, the ship weaves through the Patagonian landscape of fjords and mountains, until you finish in Valparaiso.

Brazil: As South America’s largest country, not to mention one of the world’s, Brazil presents a range of characters. Sure, beaches and the samba are highlights, but with itineraries ranging from the Amazon to the many islands, some uninhabited, off the coast, there’s far more than a tourist brochure lets on. Trips from the jungle through Natal, Recife, and Rio De Janeiro, with many smaller ports in between, expose you to this beautiful and varied nation.

Antarctic and Patagonia Experience

Seabourn’s expeditionary cruises venture past South America directly to the Antarctic, described as a landscape of untouched volcanoes, lakes, glaciers, and fjords. Skilled expedition staff and guest speakers guide your trip, but keep in mind that weather conditions and ice may change the excursion options.

Seabourn provides cruisers opting for this trip with the following features:
• Photography workshops
• Backpacks and parkas suited to the conditions
• Opportunities for wildlife sightings
• Guided expeditions to select locations

From the beaches through the cold Antarctic, this region of the world offers much to be explored. Experience it for yourself with a Seabourn cruise to South America. Book your trip today and find travel deals through Direct Line Cruises.

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