Seabourn Cruises to Europe

With the seasons comes new perspectives – of landscapes, sights, and routes through Europe. Seabourn changes course, all while keeping its luxurious experience intact, but the mission is clear: Stunning natural wonders, quaint villages, and centuries of history set Europe apart.

Aside from switching up its itineraries from the Baltic and Scandinavia in spring and summer to the continent in fall, Seabourn strives to provide the most unique, intimate experience possible. Lesser ports of call receive as much emphasis as the major cities, while the Seabourn Quest and Seabourn Legend ships present spacious elegance while you travel at sea.

Common Itineraries

Major Cities of Scandinavia and the Baltic: Long and short itineraries travel to the major historical points, allowing you to take in culture dating back several centuries. Depending on trip length, you’ll stop in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, and St. Petersburg. Certain trips then continue along the mainland or travel up the Norwegian coast, shifting instead to an icy yet beautiful landscape of lakes and fjords.

The Continent: Cities like Amsterdam and Warenmunde – the gateway to Berlin – are de facto destinations on such cruises, but few companies let you into the smaller worlds of Lubeck, Ronne, Gdansk, and Klaipeda. From here, Seabourn travels in three directions: To the British Isles, through Iceland and Greenland to North America, and south to the Western Mediterranean, where the landscape changes to the balmy, bright warmth of Barcelona, Bordeaux, and the French Riviera.

British Isles: Alone or as part of a longer itinerary, Seabourn sails around the U.K. and Irish coasts, offering glimpses into major cities like Belfast and London, as well as smaller ports like St. Mary’s, Waterford, Greenoch, Ft. William, Tobermory, Dun, and Luoghaive. From the Roman Empire to modern football mania and the British Invasion, culture extends back centuries, with a unique perspective awaiting you in each port.

Popular Destinations

Southampton: Although close to London, Southampton presents its own world of beautiful coastlines, hills, heath, and forest, all adjacent to Medieval towns.

Warnemunde: Before sailing to Berlin, Southampton passes through this sailing and fishing village by Alte Strom. With its pubs, cafes, shops, and spots for strolling, it’s a low-key counterpart to Berlin’s cosmopolitan character.

St. Petersburg: Russian’s second-largest history stands out with architecture and palaces from the czars dating back centuries. But while it clearly has an Eastern European character, the city’s design is based on forms from other grand European cities.

Oslo: As the starting point to exploring Norway’s fjords or as part of an itinerary focusing on Northern Europe’s capitals, this city dates back to the 11th century. History is clearly seen around town and through excursions to fortresses, museums, and notable Viking landmarks.

Helsinki: Finland’s capital appears aesthetically modern, but its origins go back to the 16th century. Its peninsula location, near multiple islands, makes for an interesting sight – as well as for exploring its harbor, markets, square, parks, and neoclassical architecture.

From some of the world’s major cities to the small ports and landscapes in between, Europe is a sight like no other. So for the full experience, explore it with Seabourn. Book a trip today through Direct Line Cruises.

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