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Royal Caribbean Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean CruiseA Mediterranean cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one characterized by breathtaking architecture of some of the world's oldest cities, seeing centuries-old art, and experiencing a diverse range of cultures and cuisines. Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruises start directly from one of Europe's main cities, either along the sea or farther north in the continent, and include a western or eastern itinerary. Trips last anywhere from two nights to a week and stop in several Italian, Spanish, French, and Greek ports.

Where might a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise stop? Although itineraries vary, these ports are common for eastern or western cruises:

Naples: The third-largest city in Italy, Naples is one of the oldest, continually-lived in cities. Because of this history, the city contains an abundance of architectural styles and museums.

Royal Caribbean MediterraneanBarcelona: The second largest city in Spain and the largest on the Mediterranean, Barcelona possesses a rich cultural history and is one of Europe's main ports. Spot Gothic architecture while sightseeing and, depending upon shore excursions available, see many of the city's World Heritage Sites.

Villefranche: This city positioned near Nice and Monaco has one of the deepest natural harbors of any Mediterranean port and is the most visited cruise destination in France. During your stay, try sailing or deep sea diving, or visit many of Villefranche's churches and chapels.

Rome: A 2,500-year history has created a wide range of architectural styles in this Italian city; spot remnants of ancient Rome, as well as Renaissance, Baroque, and neoclassical styles while touring the city. Other notable attractions within a historical context are the aqueducts and various art museums.

Florence: The largest city in Italy's Tuscany region was once a Medieval trade center. In the present, it is considered one of the most beautiful metropolitan areas in the world. Explore its history and artistic attractions during your stay.

Royal Caribbean Mediterranean CruiseCannes: Although the well-known film festival is annually held in this city along the French Riviera, its other draw is an abundance of luxury shopping and dining options.

Genoa: The largest Italian seaport contains many well-known and beautiful landmarks on the World Heritage list, as well as a plethora of art, music, culinary, and historical attractions.

Marseille: The second-largest French city is also one of the largest along the Mediterranean and one of the area's major ports. Named a European Capital of Culture in 2013, Marseille is home to a well-known opera house, maritime and historical attractions, and many art galleries, clubs, bars, and restaurants.

Palma de Mallorca: The major city on Majorca reflects an Arab past. While common Balearic features are present, landmarks like the Cathedral Area have hints of Moorish architecture.

Valencia: The third-largest city is Spain is a major historical center. During your travels, stop by the Valencia Cathedral and the City of Arts and Sciences, and marvel at works of art, in Valencia's many museums, dating from the 14th century to the present.

Toulon: While known for a major French naval base, Toulon is great for relaxing and sightseeing. Explore museums, sights with Middle Ages and 19th century architecture, or the many beaches.

Messina: Sicily's largest city presents a wide range of locations for sightseeing: several churches, the Fountains of Orion, the Botanical Gardens, a fortress, and several art and music attractions.

Vigo: Located in northwest Spain, this occasional stop for Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruises is one of the country's cultural centers – especially in the 1980s for the A movida viguesa New Wave movement.

Rhodes: The Greek island in the Aegean Sea was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes. The largest of the Dodecanese Islands harbors other World Heritage Sites and, as a result, is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations.

Lisbon: The Portuguese capital is one of the oldest cities in the world, with its history even dating before the Romans.

Valletta: Malta's capital prominently displays 16th century architecture, with a Baroque character pervading throughout. Popular sightseeing spots include several churches, palaces, museums, theaters, and gardens.

Athens: The capital of Greece is one of the world's oldest cities, dating back 3,400 years. Although traces of its ancient, classical past are still prominently present, Athens has a clear metropolitan character. During your travels, go sightseeing to the many ruins, or stop at the city's museums.

Venice: Considered one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, Venice is, in fact, 118 islands separated by canals. As a whole, Venice is a World Heritage Site and, within its boundaries, contains several artistic and musical attractions.

Ajaccio: Corsica's largest city includes the house where Napoleon Bonaparte was born, as well as a notable cathedral and Genoese towers.

Santorini (Officially Thira): Thira, also known as Santorini, is the location of one of the largest recorded volcanic eruptions in history. Its remnants are a primary draw for the Cyclades group of islands in Greece, with a burgeoning wine industry a growing attraction.

Mykonos: Another island in the Cyclades group, Mykonos is one of Greece's primary tourist draws. If this stop is part of your itinerary, consider seeing the well-known windmills, the Paraportiani, and archeological and maritime museums.





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