Royal Caribbean Cruises to Bermuda

As much as Bermuda’s considered the northernmost point of the Caribbean region, did you know that it’s just 600 nautical miles away from the United States? Perhaps, then, this is why this island makes the perfect cruise destination while you travel onboard Royal Caribbean.

Bermuda Pastel HousesRoyal Caribbean makes travel to Bermuda extremely convenient if you live on the East Coast. Three ports – each in a different region of the Eastern Seaboard – journey there in spring, summer and fall, with the typical vacation lasting five to seven nights.

Still, while Bermuda’s beautiful appearance and convenient location position it as the perfect quick getaway, there are a few factors every traveler needs to consider:

Where Do You Begin?

Royal Caribbean cruise ships sailing to Bermuda typically leave from two possible locations, which are Baltimore, Maryland and Bayonne, New Jersey.


Couple on scooter in BermudaCompared to the wealth of possibilities for most Royal Caribbean cruises, Bermuda keeps it simple – and that’s what attracts many to this particular cruise itinerary.

Upon entering the country, Royal Caribbean cruise ships dock in King’s Wharf – the island’s main port.

Bermuda, like other Caribbean nations, has a unique and very visible character. In this case, it emerges through pastel-colored buildings, fine pink sands, and cricket matches.

Beyond just the sights, Bermuda’s landscape and culture ultimately form what activities the island offers. Enjoy the food, calypso music, shops, and museums, including the Bermuda Arts Center and Crafts Market, or schedule a tour to see the Royal Navy Dockyarsds – a fortress dating back to 1815.

Swim with the dolphins in BermudaFor many, however, the water and underwater landscape just beg to be visited in some form. For such travelers taking Royal Caribbean, consider Dolphin Quest to see and swim with the dolphins, book a sailing adventure on Hamilton Sound, or go deep sea fishing – you may even spot a blue marlin!

Getting to Bermuda

Two Royal Caribbean ships currently travel to Bermuda, which are the following:

Grandeur of the SeasDeparting from Baltimore. The ship, as one of Royal Caribbean’s older vessels, offers an elegant, illuminated look.
• Anthem of the Seas – Departing from Bayonne, New Jersey, the Anthem of the Seas is one of Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ships.

It’s simple to start planning a Bermuda cruise onboard a Royal Caribbean ship. Once you think about the best time of year to travel, call Direct Line Cruises to book your Bermuda Cruise vacation today.