Princess Cruises to Europe

How many different ways are there to see Europe? With so much history, centuries-old architecture, and tastes and cultures known throughout the world, Europe can be seen in 50 possible ways through Princess Cruises.

Princess combines the experience of a contemporary cruise line with the intimacy expected on luxury vessels. Smaller ships arrive in some of the continent’s less-traveled ports, with 130 visited in total from Scandinavia down through the Mediterranean.

As well, can you see Europe with just a few hours in each location? Princess understands that travelers want the full experience: Getting to know the culture in each port, from the history to the cuisine, before sailing on the ocean with the cruise line’s familiar features. As a result, certain trips spend more time in some of the continent’s major cities. Essentially, it’s the vacation you always wanted but with reliable travel and overnight stays.

Six Princess ships travel throughout Europe and a handful of Middle Eastern ports:

• Caribbean Princess • Emerald Princess • Island Princess • Ocean Princess • Regal Princess • Royal Princess


Princess’ European cruises can be broken down into the following three basic types of itineraries:

The Mediterranean Region: Perhaps the most varied, Princess’ Mediterranean cruises cover four regions in southern Europe: The Mediterranean Sea; Israel, Turkey, and Egypt on a Holy Land cruise; the Greek Isles; and the Black Sea.

Although the sun-drenched beaches extending from Spain through southern Eastern Europe create a familiar backdrop for each, sights vary. Mediterranean cruises span Rome, Florence, Venice, Barcelona, Istanbul, Portofino, and Dubrovnik, Croatia, offering glimpses into Roman architecture and Renaissance history – not to mention Italy’s well-known cuisine.

The Greek Isles introduce a new era of history in ports like Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Olympia, and Athens. As well, the combination of sights, culture, and history netted this trip a “Top Cruise Destination” nod from Conde Nast Traveler.

Holy Land cruises go a bit farther south, taking travelers to the historic and religious sites in Jerusalem and Giza, including the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

Black Sea cruises, going farther east, let travelers into the historic and resort town sides of Eastern Europe and Turkey, with stops in Constanta, Yalta, and Crimea.

Scandinavia and Russia: If you can’t choose between a cosmopolitan character and a trip in which you observe Europe’s stunning landscape, these itineraries combine both. Various port combinations take travelers between northern Europe’s major cities and offer glimpses of Norway’s stunning fjords along the way. Depending upon how long you plan to stay at sea and if you want to spend more time on land, you’ll experience Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, and the Baltic region.

Northern Europe: From Berlin to Iceland, see the historical sites and experience the major cities of northern Europe with Princess. 12 days take you to major locations in England, Ireland, and continental Europe: Dublin, Belfast, Loch Ness, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and London. Or, if you’re looking to be a bit more adventurous, consider a cruise up to Iceland to view the island nation’s stunning, unusual landscape.

While there are 50 possible ways to see Europe through Princess, there’s only one way to truly get a deal. After selecting your itinerary, start planning your trip and finding discounts through Direct Line Cruises.

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