Princess Cruises to Alaska

Just how many ways can you see Alaska? When you’re scheduling a Princess Cruise, there are about three possible trips anyone can take!

Whether you’re looking to see beautiful fjords and landscapes of wilderness, wildlife, or cities juxtaposed with Alaska’s Native American and Gold Rush history, a Princess Cruise essentially presents it all. The question, then, isn’t so much what you’ll see but how you’ll see it.

Itineraries and Ships

For the past 10 out of 11 years, Princess’ itinerary netted a “Best Cruise Line in Alaska” distinction, and truly no matter where you go, the views from the ship and on-shore excursions are something to behold. Cruisers, depending upon how long you plan to be at sea, have three possible options:

Round Trip: These cruises begin in San Francisco or Seattle and then travel up the coast. In the process, cruisers see striking glaciers from the ship, experience the Inside Passage, go between the ports of Southeast Alaska, and have the option of enrichment programs on board.

During the trek consisting of Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, you’ll see the Tracy Arm Fjord and Glacier Bay National Park. As well, the landscape is certainly a highlight no matter where the cruise goes. From the ship, enjoy the sights of fjords, forests, granite cliffs, mountains, and untouched waterfalls. You may even spot a few whales or puffins!

One Way: These trips go from Anchorage to Vancouver, traveling 500 more miles than the round-trip cruise in the process. Although the port itinerary overlaps, this option gives greater glimpses of glaciers, including the Hubbard and Portage Glaciers.

Best of Alaska: A land and sea tour that begins from Anchorage or Vancouver, this trip allots three to eight nights on land. Travelers deciding on this itinerary can spend time at Denali National Park and stay in a wilderness lodge.

Seven ships take travelers on these three itineraries: • Grand Princess • Crown Princess • Coral Princess • Island Princess • Star Princess • Pacific Princess • Ruby Princess • Golden Princess

Where You’ll Stop

Juneau: This major port in Alaska features an urban character alongside quintessential aspects of Alaska’s wilderness. Take an excursion to see the Mendenhall Glacier, including by helicopter, or stay by the water to go whale watching. That’s not all there is to do, and Princess offers further excursions, such as dog sledding, stopping by Glacier Gardens, or seeing Macaulay Salmon Hatchery.

Ketchikan: This port allows travelers to explore Alaska’s several cultural facets. On one hand, you can schedule a trip to Totem Bight State Park, the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary, and the Misty Fjords, and on the other, you can go over to the Saxman Native Village.

Skagway: Get insight into Gold Rush history at this stop of your cruise. Explore the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad and the Klondike Summit, among other key aspects of this point in American history.

Anchorage: Located on Prince William Sound, this stop on the one-way cruises allows more glacier viewing. In addition, consider an excursion to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center or taking the Mt. Alyeska Tram.

Along with these, Princess provides enrichment opportunities on board. Your cruise may feature National Park rangers, naturalists, storytellers, culinary demonstrations, and a Taste of Alaska Buffet and BBQ.

If you want to experience the great north, why not do it with Princess? Through Direct Line Cruises, select one of the itineraries above to start planning.

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