Oceania Cruises to South America

The Carnival. Samba dancing and the tango. Copacabana and other stunning beaches along the Atlantic. These facets pique travelers’ interest in South America, but the continent stretching from above the Equator and to Antarctica and home to both a major mountain range and rainforest is so much more.

How many know that Buenos Aires – a city not far from the pampas – has a cosmopolitan character, influenced by its European immigrant communities, or have seen the beautiful fjords jutting out of Chile’s coastline? When you want the full experience in detail, Oceania has the itinerary.

Where You’ll Travel

Three Oceania ships, the Insignia, Marina, and Regatta, make trips to South America, holding anywhere from under 700 passengers to just over 1,200. Here’s how you can explore this vast continent, all while traveling in luxury:

Round Trip from Miami to the Amazon: Start close to home – and end up in a location you’ve never experienced before. Oceania eases you through the warm Caribbean climate, but upon entering the Amazon River, you’re in for a world of exotic wildlife – with sightings of jaguars, pink dolphins, and harpy eagles – and the many towns along its coast.

Buenos Aires to Valparaiso: Begin in the continent’s culture capital and then travel around Cape Horn to the other side. This cruise introduces you to all of South America’s landscapes, from beaches through the pampas and then to the frozen cliffs stretching around Tierra Del Fuego and up the Chilean coast.

Longer trips continue past Valparaiso to terminate in Lima, Peru. Through excursions, you’ll have a chance to explore this region’s most notable facets, including the Andes, Machu Picchu, and the Nazca Lines.

Rio De Janeiro to Buenos Aires: Oceania begins with the notable beaches of Brazil, before cruising into Uruguay and then to Argentina. See or participate in dancing – be it the Samba in Brazil or Argentinean tango – and head to the beach to relax – near the Christ the Redeemer statue or another stunning location. Ports include Buzios, Punta Del Este, Playa Brava, and Montevideo.


Oceania spaces extended stay Land Programs throughout the continent, each with a different perspective. Get to the heart of the landscape for a few days with a trip to Iguaza Falls, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, or spend four days touring the historic sites of Cuzco and Machu Picchu. A stay in Iquitos places you in the middle of the Amazon, while on the opposite coast, Oceania offers a three-day culinary experience of Chile.

Once you’re on your cruise, consider how you’ll explore each port:
• Comprehensive land tours by car or van.
• Highlight tours of each location.
• Visits to major landmarks and historical locations.
• Wilderness tours of its notable landscapes.
• Experience local culture through visits to museums, churches, and cities with strong European colonial characters.
• Being part of the Carnival in Rio De Janeiro.
• Watching a samba show.
• Touring Copacabana and Sugarloaf Mountain while in Rio De Janeiro.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting beach getaway or an exploration close to the Antarctic, Oceania presents the perfect itinerary. Select a trip that fits your travel goal, and then schedule it through Direct Line Cruises.

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