Oceania Cruises to Europe

Europe’s most majestic facets lie toward the north. Stunning fjords jut out along the coast of Norway, with beautiful, navigable lakes and rivers joining them all together. Palaces, cathedrals, theaters, and historical monuments dating back centuries define the region’s cities, no matter if you’re in the midst of the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan Paris or London or the cold atmosphere of Helsinki or St. Petersburg.

Of course, no one pathway takes you to it all. The intricacies define a trip to the region, from the continent, Scandinavia, or the British Isles. And that’s exactly what Oceania offers with its European cruises.

10 or more days at sea, on the Marina or Nautica, along with additional days added through a Land Program get you past the surface. It’s more than a tour of the major sites; from the cultural centers to the countryside, excursions give more than a glimpse of cities, towns, and regions as a whole.

Where You’ll Go

Scandinavia and the Baltic Counties: Oceania’s itinerary reads like a tour through Northern Europe’s major cities, each presenting chances to explore the cuisine, art galleries, and major landmarks. Itineraries cover the grandest destinations: London, Bruges, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm, Oslo, and Berlin, among others.

Perspective and time of year determine itineraries. As you sail into Scandinavia, certain itineraries offer a gorgeous view of the northern lights, while other trips in the continent focus on historical angles, be it the Cold War, 12th century history, or palaces once belonging to the Russian czars.

British Isles: From B.C. history to the Beatles, there’s much to explore on a cruise covering the major ports and small towns in the U.K. and Ireland. Stops in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dublin, among others, introduce you to historical facets as varied as Hadrian’s Wall, soccer culture, Guinness beer, and the Loch Ness monster legend.

Iceland: Although geographically considered part of Scandinavia, Iceland features a unique landscape – one practically of contradictions. Botanical gardens and hot springs exist near a frozen landscape of fjords. Get this perspective of Europe’s outlying islands with a cruise that takes you to Reykjavik, Ammassalik Island, and the Faroe Islands.

Western Europe: London’s grandness sets the tone for this continental exploration. Majestic, world-known landmarks like the Eiffel Tower receive as much time as Western Europe’s varied history, dating back to the Middle Ages. But beyond a lecture, it’s a fully immersive experience of museum visits, explorations of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, and visiting the region’s expansive chateaus, all while enjoying English, Spanish, and French cuisine.

Saturated with so much history and culture, Europe begs to be visited with a simple yet elegant trip on board Oceania. So to take that trip you’ve always wanted, begin by booking with Direct Line Cruises.

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