Oceania Cruises to Alaska

Beautiful, frozen landscapes create a backdrop to adventure and luxury on board an Oceania cruise to Alaska.

The Regatta majestically takes travelers up from the Pacific Northwest to California, through the exciting atmosphere of the Inside Passage and into the wilderness and unique historical background of Alaska. Excursions enhance this perspective, all while each trip comes with the accommodations you seek out from Oceania.

Cruise Basics

Oceania’s Alaska cruises spend seven to 12 days at sea. Most are round trips, but keep in mind where you begin and end. For instance, Oceania takes cruisers up the panhandle and into the mainland, but trips taking this path have one of the following itineraries:
• Seattle to Alaska, finishing in Vancouver
• Vancouver to Alaska, finishing in San Francisco
• Round trip from Seattle

How you get there is only the beginning. Each cruise gives an insightful perspective on this enticing region of adventure:

Wildlife: From the Inside Passage to the northern towns, Alaska’s full of wildlife found nowhere else. As you cruise through this region, watching the landscape change from the rainy Pacific Northwest to the glaciers of Alaska, with a rainforest in between, cruisers spot whales, porpoises, sea otters, and more creatures from the ship or during excursions.

The Landscape: “Majestic” doesn’t even begin to describe Alaska. Oceania’s ships pass by large glaciers, including the Hubbard and Mendenhall. The state’s home to some of the most vast and varied national parks; excursions, as a result, take you to the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park, the Misty Fjords National Monument, Tongass National Forest, and the Spasski River Valley.

History: Alaska has a Native American past, saw Russians set up settlements, and later experienced an influx of Americans during the Klondike Gold Rush. Oceania cruises touch on all three aspects of this history, with excursions to Russian aspects of Sitka, Gold Rush landmarks in Skagway and Ketchikan, and Tlingit culture along western Canada and the panhandle.

Excursions in Alaska

Oceania’s cruises extend your stay and knowledge of the region with Land Programs, and provide greater insight into each port with Shore Excursions.

With Alaska, Land Programs of San Francisco and Napa Valley start off the trip. For a few days, explore the sights of one of the West Coast’s major cities or take a wine tour, before setting out onto your trek north.

Once you’re on board the ship, consider how you plan to explore Alaska. With Oceania, there’s history, wildlife, and landscape to explore in multiple locations.
• By bike. Get up close to the landscape with a guided bike tour through the terrain.
• Culturally. Trips to the galleries in Sitka introduce you to local artisans, who create works of art with glass, ceramic, wood, and silver right before your eyes.
• By foot. The best way to observe nature and take in all the sights of Alaska’s vast parks is by a nature walk.
• By water. Get close to marine life with a small guided tour by catamaran to the state’s remote islands, or observe what’s underneath the ocean by raft.
• By vehicle. See the landscape, as fast as you can, with an ATV adventure on one of Alaska’s remote islands.
• By doing it. Alaska has the world’s Salmon Capital, so take in the experience with an afternoon of salmon sport fishing.

All Oceania excursions last a few hours to half a day.

Alaska’s an adventure everyone has to experience at least once, so what are you waiting for? Couple Oceania’s luxury with your daring sense of adventure, and schedule your trip today through Direct Line Cruises.

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