Norwegian Cruise Line to the Mediterranean

Few places in the world are so concentrated with history, culture, and well-known cuisine as the Mediterranean. From Greek and Roman Empires shaping history to the Renaissance creating definitive works of art, the countries surrounding the Mediterranean sea – Greece, Italy, France, Turkey, and North African nations, just to name a few, essentially directed innovation.

Santorini, Greece
You likely visited it in high school history books, art classes, and culinary guides, but why just experience it at a distance? Immerse yourself head-on with a Norwegian cruise. Out of all contemporary cruise lines, NCL leads Europe – and not just the Mediterranean, either. But cruises through this region make up a large portion of European itineraries, with trips divided between western and eastern halves.

Ships and Itineraries

There are several reasons to take NCL to the Mediterranean. For one, NCL has been the World Travel Award Winner for “Europe’s Leading Cruise Line” six times in a row.

Two, itineraries go between several ports of a region, or start off with several days in one area. Looking to absorb as much of Italy as you possibly can? Select an option to spend up to four days in one of the country’s leading port cities.

Three, if you check out a map of where NCL goes in the Mediterranean, it essentially leaves no area unturned: Experience Spain, North Africa, the French Riviera, or the Greek Isles without having to plan hotel stays and travel arrangements between each stop.

On a general level, Norwegian’s two types of Mediterranean cruises are broken down as follows:

Istanbul, TurkeyWestern:
Perfect for the traveler looking to get away but not for too long, these trips last at least two nights at sea and longer. During your itinerary, catch glimpses of Barcelona, Morocco, Marseilles, the Canary Islands, Naples, Palma de Majorca, Cannes, Rome, and Florence. Looking to explore a bit more? Opt for an itinerary that begins with four days on land, allowing you to experience cuisine, architecture, art, and history, and then sets sail for the remainder of the trip.

Eastern: From Italy, cruises head toward the Greek Isles and Turkey, possibly stopping in between in Croatia, Montenegro, or Slovenia. Experience Venice, including with a four-day stay, on the peninsula, and then see the sights of Sicily, Athens, Olympia, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, and Istanbul.

As with all Norwegian trips, their Freestyle cruising experience creates a trip solely on one’s own terms. Schedule and select your dining, entertainment, and activities all of your choosing, with several options for all on board each ship.

What to Do

It’s impossible to do and see everything on a Mediterranean cruise – even if you just pick a handful of countries to visit. But Norwegian attempts to give each traveler the most comprehensive view possible. With excursions, this frequently includes:

• “Best of” trips for major cities, ancient landmarks, and regions. Explore its history, tastes, and culture over one or more days in port.
• Tours exclusively of historical landmarks and architecture. Considering the significant history coming out of Italy, Greece, and Turkey, NCL gives you an in-depth look wherever you travel.
• A gondola serenade
• Camel rides in North Africa
• An authentic Greek fiesta

While you can’t see everything, NCL gets you as close as possible. To begin planning your visit to the Mediterranean, start making reservations through Direct Line Cruises.

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