Norwegian Cruise Line to Europe

Norwegian cruise ship in EuropeA great range of port cities stretching all over Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East and extensive, comprehensive excursions in each location have made Norwegian the leading European cruise line and a six-time Word Travel Award Winner.

If you want to explore Europe through the context of a contemporary cruise, one with ample opportunities for dining and activities on board, NCL presents the perfect experience with its Freestyle concept and array of ports and itineraries.

Ships and Itineraries

All Norwegian cruise ships feature a choice of dining, entertainment, and relaxations on board, all of which can be done and selected according to the cruiser’s choice.

Norwegian's ships travel to two regions in the continent:

Couple on the balcony cruising to EuropeNorthern Europe: Is it old-world, urban sights you’re craving? Timeless culture? Breathtaking landscape? Norwegian’s northern European itineraries essentially satiate all three types of cruisers. Starting from Scandinavia, select a cruise just focusing on the fjords of Norway – a sight to behold and explore. Longer itineraries covering both the landscape and culture aspects expand farther into Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, often encompassing Copenhagen, Berlin, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Stockholm. But this isn’t the only side of northern Europe to see. Other itineraries encompass the U.K., France, Germany, and Iceland, with cruises traveling to Rotterdam, Falmouth, Cork, Dublin, Belfast, Scotland, London, and the Faroe Islands.

Mediterranean and the Greek Isles: With its balmy weather, beautiful beaches, architecture, art, and centuries of history, the Mediterranean region makes a popular destination for a wide swath of cruise travelers. As is the case with most Mediterranean cruises, NCL’s are divided between eastern and western regions. The latter primarily goes between various ports in Spain, Italy, and France, with Barcelona, Marseilles, Morocco, the Canary Islands, Palma de Majorca, Napes, Rome, Florence, and Cannes all possibilities on trips lasting two or more days. The eastern region goes from Italy through Turkey, making multiple stops at the Greek Isles in the process. With ships leaving from Venice or another Italian coastal city, the cruise progresses into Croatia, Montenegro, Athens, Olympia, Mykonos, Corfu, Santorini, Sicily, and Slovenia.


NCL places great emphasis on its excursions, with certain cruises spending up to four days in a particular area to give travelers time to explore the culture, history, tastes, and sights. For both groups of itineraries, popular excursions include:

• “Best of” tours, including cities in Spain, Italy, England, and Eastern Europe
• “Top 10” tours that take you to a region’s major sites
• Tours of historical landmarks, with emphasis on architecture
• Camel rides
• Flavor tours of Mediterranean cities
• A gondola serenade
• An authentic Greek fiesta
• Scenic drives
• Evening tours to see popular sites in a different light, including St. Mark’s Basilica.

Experience the finest sights of Europe on this equally-magnificent contemporary cruise line. To schedule your trip on Norwegian to Europe, begin planning through Direct Line Cruises.

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