Holland America to the Mediterranean

There’s no one way to characterize the Mediterranean region, which extends along the entire southern European coast, over North Africa, and touches part of the Middle East. Many call it the birthplace of Western Civilization, especially as ancient Roman, Greek, Ottoman, Phoenician, and Carthaginian empires all rose and fell around this great body of water. Others vie to see it for culture and cuisine, from art produced over the Renaissance period to French and Italian foods known the world over. And others desire to spend time in its bright, balmy weather, enhanced at some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and waterside resorts in France and Greece.

So with so many reasons to visit the Mediterranean, why haven’t you scheduled a cruise with Holland America yet?

Originating in Europe and serving the continent for more than 140 years, Holland America stands out with its mid-sized ships, which travel to a greater range of ports in the Eastern and Western regions of the Mediterranean. Coupled with longer stays in major cities, this allows you to fully absorb the region’s characters – without ever having to plan a train trip between cities or nights in a hotel.


Eastern: See several ports from Italy through Turkey. Ships may begin in Italy, and from here, you’ll explore a combination of ports potentially including stops in Naples, Croatia, Cairo, Malta, Montenegro, Corfu, Olympia, Santorini, Athens, Volos, Istanbul, Nafplio, Mykonos, and Rhodes. Trips take travelers from the ruins of Ancient Rome to the Acropolis, a remnant of Ancient Greece, to the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

Western: Explore everything from Spain through Italy, with a bit of North Africa thrown in. Ports, while varying with itinerary, may include Rome, Naples, Sicily, Tunisia, Florence, Marseilles, Barcelona, Montecarlo, Valencia, Alicante, Gibraltar, Seville, Lisbon, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Brest, Cherbourg, Bruges, and Vigo. You’ll experience the French Riviera to many notable spots for cuisine and film.

Trips, depending upon where you go and if itineraries spend multiple days in a port, last anywhere from seven to 33 days.


There is plenty to see, taste, and experience while cruising the Mediterranean, but some of the highlights with Holland America include:
• Exploring well-known landmark the Parthenon at the Acropolis
• Experiencing Barcelona’s culture. The Spanish city has turned into a global fashion and art capital while being a place to explore old history.
• Visit the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, the highest building in the Ottoman Empire.
• Explore the Roman Aqueducts, which extend for miles.
• Learn more about Renaissance history and the art from this period in time produced in Pisa.
• See Mount Vesuvius in Naples, a city which alone is a World Heritage site

From tasting the cuisine in port to Holland America’s luxurious, attentive accommodations, a cruise to see the Mediterranean is both a convenient and a must-do opportunity. Experience history and art up close and get to know this side of Europe, all through the comfort of a mid-sized, spaciously-designed cruise ship. Start planning your trip today with Direct Line Cruises.

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