Holland America Cruises to Europe

What better way to experience Europe than with a cruise line that originated in the continent?

Holland America considers its European cruises a cultural exploration opportunity. It’s an all-encompassing tour of civilization, from Renaissance art to Russian czars, to tasting world-class cuisine to seeing the sights from the Arctic Circle through the balmy Mediterranean region.

Holland America takes full advantage of its format to give travelers the most thorough view of the continent as possible. Mid-sized ships travel to more ports and stay longer in major cities, while cruisers can choose from a greater range of excursions. And, while you’re on the ocean, Holland America’s spacious feel, gourmet meals, and luxury accommodations create a trip that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Traveling There

Once you fly in from North America, Holland America’s ships leave from a range of ports around Europe’s perimeter and spend at least seven days at sea. You’ll wind up on board one of the following vessels:

• MS Eurodam • MS Rotterdam • MS Ryndam • MS Prinsendam • MS Noordam • MS Nieuw Amsterdam


Holland America’s cruises offer unique perspectives on the standard European regions:

Mediterranean: See the treasures of Western Civilization, from ruins of Old World empires in Greece and Italy to the Great Pyramids in Egypt and the mosques of Istanbul, while enjoying the region’s beautiful landscape and weather.

Western Mediterranean cruises essentially take you from Italy to Greece, with stops in Croatia and Montenegro in between. Holy Land-type cruises venture into a handful of ports in North Africa and Turkey.

Eastern Mediterranean cruises cover the other half of the sea. You’ll see Spain and Portugal’s major coastal cities before venturing through the French Riviera and Italy’s western lands, from Sicily to Naples and Florence. These trips, too, touch on the northern coast of African, stopping in Tunisia.

Northern Europe: Northern Europe has its own place in World History – as well as a landscape characterized by fjords, greenery, and several major cities. For those not familiar with Holland America’s history as a cruise line, the company has traveled around Northern Europe’s ports for more than 140 years and allows cruisers to spend more time in each major location.

Regional characters vary between countries, so each port, essentially, lets you into a unique and different facet of Europe. Depending upon itinerary, you’ll stop by Amsterdam, cruise through the fjords of Norway, see the stunning blue lagoon of Reykjavik, Iceland, and then explore St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, and Scotland.

Transatlantic Cruise: Why even bother flying from Europe when you can sail your way home? These itineraries, all of which vary, start with the familiar sights of Europe, then proceed to the Atlantic to cruise the Azores, and finish in Ft. Lauderdale or New York.

Don’t just get a cursory view of the continent – get a head-on, immersive experience. Holland America provides that, no matter which itinerary you choose, so start booking today with Direct Line Cruises.

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