Holland America to Bermuda

Caribbean and European influences flow together in this island a brief boat ride off the U.S. coast. Bermuda’s pink sands and glassy, aqua-colored waters create the perfect scene for lounging on the beach, while pastel-colored, Old English-style buildings make exploring the town a must.

Like other cruise lines, Holland America makes multiple trips to this island paradise a few times per year. Although the cruise line reduced its number of trips in 2011, its itinerary stands out compared to others of its ilk. Ships get closer to Hamilton, Bermuda’s cultural center, and before allowing travelers to stay in port for multiple days, a mid-sized ship offers spacious, comfortable accommodations, delicious dining, and attentive service.

Getting There

Holland America offers the following itineraries to Bermuda:

Direct from Boston: Vessels depart directly from the New England city, sailing directly to Hamilton.

After a Canada/New England Cruise: Certain cruises to this North American region continue into the Atlantic after passing through Canada. Once leaving New England, ships travel over the ocean to Hamilton.

San Diego and the Panama Canal: Holland America is expanding its Bermuda itineraries for 2015. Trips from San Diego that pass through the Panama Canal will continue through the Caribbean to Bermuda for a short stay. These one-way trips will terminate in Boston.

As of 2014, the MS Veendam is the only Holland America ship traveling to Bermuda. This mid-sized ship now features new venues and updated staterooms.

Character and Excursions

History and Caribbean proximity converge on Bermuda. 400 years of history presents Old English colonial influences around the island, with historic villages existing alongside world-class resorts.

However, Bermuda’s uniqueness emerges in other ways. Pink sands remain a visual draw – a must for sunbathers and anyone wanting to spend a day by the Atlantic. More golf courses per square mile exist here than anywhere else in the world, so if you enjoy playing a few rounds, don’t forget to bring your trusted clubs.

Holland America takes cruisers closer to the island’s character. Smaller vessels mean the town’s action is practically right there when you step off the ship – and not a walk or bus ride away.

While multiple days mean you can spend some time in the sun, Bermuda’s excursion possibilities aren’t limited to the coasts. Schedule a trip to Chaplin Bay, or take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the cobblestone streets to marvel at the limestone buildings with Gothic revival architecture.

So close to home yet with such a different character, Bermuda makes the perfect spot for a quick cruise. Especially if you live in the Northeast, take a break from the cold by scheduling your vacation with Holland America through Direct Line Cruises today.

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