Disney Cruise Line to the Caribbean

With their beautiful beaches, bountiful duty-free shopping options, enticing landscapes, and varied history and cuisine, the Caribbean makes the perfect vacation for all. But with trips lasting sometimes up to two weeks, is it reasonable to take your family, especially younger children, on a lengthy trek between multiple islands? Disney Cruise Line presents a solution.

With its distinctive ships, Disney details each Caribbean region’s sights, tastes, and experiences into five- to seven-night cruises that depart from the South or Puerto Rico. You have the opportunity to absorb the soft sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters surrounding each island before your children ask, “When are we going back home?”

Scheduling Your Trip

Disney’s trips depart from three major ports: Miami, Port Canaveral, or San Juan, with the latter used only for southern itineraries.

You’ll set sail on one of the three following ships, each with Disney’s familiar features: • Disney Wonder • Disney Fantasy • Disney Magic


Western Caribbean: Ships leave from Miami or Port Canaveral to sail to Cozumel, where, during your time in port, you’ll have the chance to see both Mayan ruins and stay by the ocean. From here, Disney then goes around to multiple islands in the Caribbean, including Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Castaway Cay, and Key West. With Jamaica’s most popular destinations, like Montego Bay and Negril, in the itinerary and Disney’s own private paradise, it’s an adventure waiting to happen for your entire family.

If you’re planning to cruise around winter, consider Disney’s holiday and special itineraries, all of which last at least two full days at sea.

Eastern Caribbean: Disney begins in Miami or Port Canaveral to proceed onto a tour of the northern part of the Lesser Antilles. With cultural exploration, many bargain shopping opportunities, and activities by the ocean all just a short boat ride away, you’ll get to see the sights of St. Maarten, St. Thomas, St. John, and Castaway Cay.

Southern Caribbean: After you fly to Puerto Rico, Disney leaves to explore the Caribbean’s southern region, with several islands featuring volcanoes, rainforests, and historical sites. Depending on itinerary, you’ll spend some time in St. Kitts, explore the Caribbean’s British Colonial past in Barbados, see towering mountains in St. Lucia, and then stroll along cobblestone streets in San Juan.

Three trips offer a unique experience to be had with any choice. Get to know each facet of the Caribbean with an itinerary and length ideal for your entire family with Disney. Make a decision and then schedule your trip today through Direct Line Cruises.

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