Celebrity Cruises to South America

From the beaches of Rio to the tip of Antarctica, South American cruises through Celebrity present no single experience. Instead, chances to explore new cultures, taste delicious foods, and explore parts of the world are just a boat ride away from Buenos Aires.

The beaches make the continent a draw for travelers, but experiences extend far and beyond. Celebrity itineraries and cruise excursions take travelers up close to the rainforest, know the best spots for tasting new cuisine, and let you explore an uninhabited part of the world.

Machu PiccuFrom sun and sands to the Andres Mountains to the Falklands, South American cruises have no single itinerary. Learn about what to expect when exploring South America with Celebrity.

Ships and Itinerary

If you’re looking to escape the frigid North American winter weather, Celebrity’s cruising schedule, with most ships departing Buenos Aires, presents the perfect solution.

A Celebrity cruise ship sailing to South America provides dining in specialty restaurants, spacious staterooms, and the chance to relax in a spa while the ship sails between ports.

Like other Celebrity cruises, trips to South America focus on a single area or travel around one side of the continent. Current itineraries include:

• Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile:
Ships sail from Buenos Aires to stop at the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo, as well as Punta Del Este. From here, travelers get a coastal view of Argentina, with stops in Madryn and Cape Horn. From here, the voyage continues up the coast of Chile, offering an opportunity to see the beautiful mountains and fjords characterizing South America’s southern point. As the ship travels up the coast, travelers get to experience the cultures and sights of Ushuaia, the Strait of Magellan, Puerto Montt, and Valparaiso. Keep in mind that these cruise trips are one-way only.

• Antarctica:
Although the ship starts in Buenos Aires, it quickly moves south to let travelers observe the frigid beauty of the southernmost continent. Travelers get to experience the Antarctic at Schollert Channel, Paradise Bay, Garlache Strait, and Elephant Island, before the ship moves north to the Falklands.

Uruguay• The Western Coast:
Begin in South America – and end up in Florida. These one-way cruises depart from Valparaiso, Chile and then stop in all countries lining South America’s western coast: Lima, Peru; Manta, Ecuador; the Panama Canal; and Cartagena, Colombia. All cruises end in either Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. Rio De Janeiro/Carnival Cruises: Celebrity takes advantage of the time of year to let travelers into a well-known facet of Brazilian culture: The Carnival. While travelers can explore this and more in each port, the cruise begins in Buenos Aires and then makes its way through several popular eastern South American ports: Sao Paolo, Ilhabela, Buzios, Rio De Janeiro, and Montevideo, Uruguay.

South AmericaCruise Excursions

Varied landscapes and cultures make each port an eye-opening experience for travelers. No matter the itinerary, there’s always a chance to explore wherever you stop. Celebrity guides you to the best possible ways with an extensive list of cruise excursions, such as the following:

• Tours to learn about and taste the local cuisine and experience each area’s unique folklore
• Observe and capture the Chilean landscape at the Altplano and Lauca National Park.
• See all major sights with a “Best Of” tour in Cartagena, Buenos Aires, or Ushuaia.
• Take a shopping tour
• Attend a tango show
• Schedule a flightseeing tour of Iguazu Falls
• Have lunch at Narbona Farm
• Go to a shearling show
• See the sights of the Petrolue Rapids and the Chilean Lake District
• A winery tour of Casablanca Valley
• Tour the Panama Canal
• See ancient ruins, like Manchu Picchu in Peru.

A perfect getaway from the cold makes an opportune time to explore. To get started on this unique opportunity, begin planning and scheduling your trip to South America onboard Celebrity through Direct Line Cruises.

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