Celebrity Cruises to the Mediterranean

Celebrity groups its Mediterranean itineraries with the rest of Europe, but the region displays a particularly unique character. The countries extending from Spain to Greece and encompassing parts of the Middle East and North Africa are characterized by bright, balmy weather. Beaches dotted by resort towns line the coasts, no matter if you’re in Turkey or Italy. And some of the world’s most popular attractions, from Greece’s ancient architecture and Italy’s Roman ruins to the nightclubs, film festival, and celebrity spottings on the French Riviera, make the Mediterranean an oft-requested vacation destination for those outside the continent.

Couple visiting Rome
Celebrity, in this regards, optimizes the Mediterranean experience. Although travelers have the option of an eastern or western itinerary, ships may take their time in ports, spending multiple days for travelers to absorb the history, tastes, and culture. Or, cruisers looking to see just Italy, Greece, or France can do just that – but by ship rather than rail or car.

Mediterranean Itineraries

• Greece: History buffs wanting to see the ancient ruins up close may want to cut out the other ports of an Eastern Mediterranean cruise, and this itinerary gives them the opportunity. Ships begin in Italy but then travel across the Adriatic to Montenegro and Croatia and then south to Greece, where you have the opportunity to see Athens, Katakolon, Corfu, and Rhodes.

• Eastern Mediterranean and Holyland Cruises:
While these encompass the Greek ports listed above, these longer, more comprehensive itineraries give travelers a taste of the region that has been home to Greek, Roman, and Ottoman empires over the centuries. Trips extend as far east as Turkey and Israel and west to Venice, Rome, and Naples. Travelers may further visit Mediterranean islands like Malta and Sicily.

Friends on a cruise visiting France• Italy:
How many times have you said to yourself, “I’d like to visit Italy, but the costs and travel arrangements are so prohibitive.” Celebrity cruises solely to Italy take care of the travel and hotel accommodations and, instead, give you the chance to focus on what you’d like to do. Is it exploring Italy’s history or cuisine? Or what about music and art that date back centuries? There’s essentially an opportunity to do it all.

• Spain and Portugal:
Spend time exploring the western region of Europe. Itineraries let travelers explore the area’s most historic coastal cities: Vigo, Lisbon, Madeira, La Coruna, and Malaga. Ships may travel out into the Atlantic to the Canary Islands or the Azores.
Couple on a Celebrity cruise tour in Istanbul, Turkey
• Western Mediterranean:
Luxury and culture merge along the French Riviera, whether it’s shopping in high-end boutiques, lounging on one of Europe’s best-known beaches, or experiencing French cuisine. But the area known for Cannes, Monaco, and Monte Carlo is just one of several highlights on this Eastern Mediterranean trip. Ships go along the coast formed by Spain, France, and Italy, sailing to Florence, Nice, Corsica, Sardinia, Barcelona, Palma de Mallora, Rome, and Gibraltar in the process.


It’s a given that North American travelers will need to fly into the Mediterranean region. Celebrity, essentially, goes one step ahead of cruisers by offering pre-cruise packages for many major European cities. Before your ship departs, see the sights of Venice, Florence, Rome, Madrid, or Barcelona.

In terms of traveling the seas, several Celebrity cruise ships offer a variety of Mediterranean cruise itineraries. All Celebrity cruise ships offer staterooms and amenities for 2,000 to 3,000 passengers, with spas, pools, libraries, and specialty dining rounding out the luxury experience.

Magnificence on the Mediterranean? Why not! Once you’ve thought about where you’d like to visit, schedule your trip on board a Celebrity ship through Direct Line Cruises in advance.

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