Celebrity Cruises to Europe

For many travelers, seeing Europe is the trip of a lifetime, but factors like making extensive travel plans, high costs, and paying for hotels often give this goal a lofty appearance.

Couple on a Celebrity Cruise tour in ItalyBut what if these aspects could be cut out? Essentially, that’s what Celebrity Cruises does: Travelers visit a port each day, returning to the hotel-like accommodations on board, and then spend the evenings at sea between locations. Train travel and lodging in each city remain out of the picture.

Yet, beyond the typical cruise offerings, Celebrity takes it up a notch. Onboard spas, pools, and specialty dining enhance and enliven a trip focusing on a single area, for instance France and Iberia or Italy alone, or a full coastal tour around the continent. No matter if you’ve looked to specifically experience part of Europe in detail or get an overall view of its history, culture, and cuisine, there’s a tour package out there exactly matching what you’re looking for.

Possible Itineraries

• Eastern Mediterranean Cruises: Between Italy and Turkey, the vast options allow travelers to see a full country by boat or experience the culture of this full Mediterranean region. Greek Isles cruises stop in Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey, and such locations as Santorini, Athens, Katakalon, Rhodes, and Corfu. Longer itineraries expand the expedition to popular, world-renown Italian cities like Rome, Naples, and Venice or, in the other direction, to Istanbul in Turkey. The Holyland itinerary, perhaps, offers the greatest taste of the region. In addition to encompassing many of the above ports, these trips add Malta, Sicily, and Israel to the itinerary.

• The Black Sea: A typical Russian cruise touches on the northern cities, like St. Petersburg, but the southern ports have long been vacation towns for locals. Celebrity understands this, and those looking to experience the resort region of Eastern Europe can sign up for a tour package taking travelers to Bulgaria, Sochi, multiple coastal Ukrainian ports, and Istanbul.

• Northern Europe:
A standard Northern European cruise goes around the coasts of Scandinavia and Russia, and while Celebrity, in this regards, is no different, the cruise line acknowledges this region has multiple perspectives. On one hand, you can get the full metropolitan experience. Such an itinerary leaves from Amsterdam to stop in Berlin, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. On the other, the stunning natural sights outside of the cities deserve a cruise all their own. As such, Celebrity offers Arctic Circle packages and Fjord options at certain times of the year, with ships traveling around Norway’s coast.

• Western Mediterranean:
The Western Mediterranean region is often defined by the architecture of Spanish and Portuguese cities, the upscale atmosphere of the French Riviera, and Italy’s western coast. Celebrity, in this regards, makes the typical stops but then veers into the Atlantic to take travelers to the Canary Islands and the Azores. Depending upon the itinerary, travelers experience the sights, flavors, and culture of Malaga, Cannes, Florence, Genoa, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Nice, Corsica, Sardinia, Palma de Mallora, Barcelona, and Rome.

• British Isles:
Many contemporary cruises bypass the northern part of the continent entirely, opting for Scandinavia or the Mediterranean instead. This region, from the U.K. and Ireland to France and Denmark, introduces travelers to yet another aspect of European culture. Although trips may focus on a single area, such as France and northern Spain, more comprehensive itineraries stop in Paris; Cork, Ireland; Dublin; Liverpool; Glasgow; Harwich; Belfast; Oslo; and Copenhagen.

Couple in FranceTraveling There

While Celebrity offers the most comprehensive itinerary selection for a contemporary cruise line, consider not just where you’ll be going but how you’ll be traveling.

U.S. passengers must schedule a flight into the departure port, and in this regards, it’s wise to opt for a pre-cruise package for Paris, London, Venice, Florence, Rome, or Madrid. Celebrity has a variety of cruise ships that travel to Europe each year.

All ships hold from 2,000 to 3,000 passengers and offer the standard features, from prepared, specialty dining to spas, pools, and a music library.

With Celebrity’s European cruises, the onboard experience nearly matches the exciting, breathtaking trip, be it of a single region or significant portion of the continent. Begin scheduling this more attainable European vacation today through Direct Line Cruises.

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