Celebrity Cruises to Canada / New England

Cruising in fall? “Only if I’m going to a warm climate,” many say. Yet, sights and experiences are why many decide to take a cruise. So with New England’s foliage essentially in full bloom, with oranges, reds, and yellows coloring coastal towns extending up to eastern Canada, why not make such an experience?

Lighthouse in CanadaCelebrity’s cruises to New England and Canada aim to capture the quintessential charm of living on the northern end of the Eastern Seaboard. Foliage and lighthouses form the background to catches of the day, biking tours through rolling hills, and village-like fishing ports. There’s a chance to climb up to the top of a lighthouse, have a seaside picnic, go onboard a fishing boat, or visit many of the area’s museums, galleries, and historic sites.

Basic Itineraries

The Celebrity Summit departs from Cape Liberty in Bayonne, New Jersey at multiple points in September and October. From here, the trip spends 14 nights going round trip to a combination of the following ports:

• Bar Harbor, Maine
• Halifax, Nova Scotia
• Sydney, Nova Scotia
• Prince Edward Island
• Quebec City
• Corner Brook, Newfoundland
• Portland, Maine
• St. John, New Brunswick

Peggy's CoveWhat to Do and See

Cruise activities vary between Canadian and U.S. ports, and between those with a small-town character and the larger cities. Each of Celebrity’s stops boasts a significant number of cruise excursions and tours, so consider all possibilities before making a reservation.
In Maine:
• Carriage rides
• Visiting Acadia National Park, Frenchman Bay, and Cadillac Mountain
• Attending a lobster bake
• Wildlife watching to see seals and bald eagles
• Sea kayaking
In Canada:
• Ride by horse to see shops and Victorian architecture around Prince Edward Island
• Sign up for the Anne of Green Gables tour
• Go on a double-decker bus tour – available for multiple Canadian towns and cities
• If you meet the physical and strength qualifications, sign up for a biking tour, ideal for experiencing villages and the countryside up close
• Do a culinary sampling tour
• Have a guided photography tour to capture the best shots with your camera
• Opt for a historical excursion, such as exploring the route taken by Captain James Cook in Newfoundland or the sites, like Citadel Hill and the Province House, in Halifax.
• See the region’s natural wonders, like Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia

From dining on fresh lobster to the tranquility of Canadian’s quaint fishing villages, the Celebrity experience enhances a quiet getaway to experience breathtaking seasonal sights and sounds. Fall Folliage in New England To experience New England and Canada beyond the leaves and lighthouses, begin by booking your trip through Direct Line Cruises.

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