Celebrity Cruises to Asia


Asia’s burgeoning cruise market started attracting companies typically associated with American and European travel over the past few years. Celebrity started offering cruises to Asia as of 2012, with their ships covering Eastern and Southeastern itineraries.

Celebrity Cruises to the Far EastEssentially, this means Celebrity’s familiar amenities – large, spacious staterooms, fresh, specialty dining, spas, Broadway-style shows, a grass lawn, pools, and a music library – define the travel experience in between well-known Asian ports, be it Bangkok, Hong Kong, or Bali.

The familiarity further offers one significant perk making Asian travel often seem prohibitive: Individual travel reservations, be it for rail or road and in hotels, are eliminated. After experiencing a port city’s history, culture, and flavors, you return to the hotel-like atmosphere of a Celebrity vessel to travel to another location overnight.


• Southeast Asia: Ships leave from Singapore to travel between Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Trips going north tend to open the door to Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, and Hue. While this is standard, Celebrity literally and figuratively goes beyond: Experience Filipino culture in Manila and Borcay or the opulence of Brunei, or in another direction, see the ancient temples and picturesque beaches of Myanmar and Malaysia at Phuket, Yangon, Langkawi, Penang, and Port Klang.

Celebrity’s offerings extend down to Indonesia. With ships going south from Singapore, see the diverse nation’s various cultural and natural facets in Bali and Komodo before heading back to Phuket, Langkawi, and Port Klang.

Pagoda • East Asia: The itinerary known as Dynasties and Dragons touches down in familiar ports – known for their history and, these days, for being expansive and expanding metropolitan areas. From looking up at some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers to learning about ancient Japanese, Chinese, and Korean history, Celebrity lets travelers into a multifaceted perspective of the East through trips encompassing Hong Kong, Taipei, Nagasaki, South Korea, Beijing, and Shanghai.

• Transpacific and Cross-Regional: Why explore just one part of Asia? Or, for that matter, why solely just see Asia? Celebrity’s one-way tours go from Singapore to Hong Kong and Tokyo to Shanghai, stopping in several ports along the way.

Travelers looking to explore the world in greater detail can do so through Celebrity, which passes through parts of Asia during transpacific itineraries. Go north through China and Japan to Russia, or start in Singapore to visit Australia and South Pacific nations.

What to Do

Once your Celebrity Cruise ship arrives in port, why not go out and explore? Celebrity’s unique, eye-opening expeditions continue to expand in Asia and currently include:
• Snorkeling
• Tours to royal palaces
• Culinary and sightseeing excursions
• Elephant adventures
• Island-hopping
• Exploring caves by canoe
• Exploring Bali’s historical sites

If Asia seems geographically out of reach, consider visiting the continent through Celebrity. Begin planning, scheduling, and finding deals for your excursion to the Far East today for the near future through Direct Line Cruises.

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