Cruise Lines: Contemporary, Luxury & River Cruising

Selecting a cruise line is an important aspect when planning a cruise vacation. Set sail on a large ocean liner such as Royal Caribbean headed toward multiple Caribbean islands, each characterized by white sands bordering azure waters. Or, on a smaller river cruise line, explore the centuries-old cities of continental Europe. If you have more than a week to spare, see the Pacific Ocean, en route from the West Coast to Hawaii and back. The possibilities are innumerable and the itineraries crucial, but with a variety of accommodations on board, not all cruise lines are identical. Each type of cruise line, then, defines a significant part of your trip.

Contemporary Cruise Lines

Contemporary Cruise LinesMany of the top cruise lines fall into this category. Larger ocean liners with plenty of activities and dining on board characterize such voyages. Each line, as well, offers a variety of cruise ships among its fleet. Select from options with athletic activities on board, open dining, excellent entertainment, and casino, dancing, and nightlife draws. On such trips, the options for staying active, trying new foods, and seeing new places are practically limitless.

Such cruise lines, as well, offer, perhaps, the greatest convenience for the average traveler. Many Norwegian, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean cruise ships leave from popular US departure ports, such as Boston, New York, Baltimore, and Charleston and offer family-friendly options, including activities and dining catered specifically to children.

Luxury Cruise Lines

Luxury Cruise LinesIntimate, more detailed experiences, bolstered by personalized service and enrichment opportunities, make luxury cruises the chance of a lifetime to travel to a foreign land. While itineraries cover many familiar destinations, certain lines, such as Azamara Club Cruises, may stop in ports seldom visited by contemporary cruises.

While both ships and number of passengers are generally smaller, accommodations, from staterooms to promenade and deck areas, tend to be more spacious. With the exception of Crystal Cruises, most luxury cruise ships hold less than 1,000 travelers.

Culture, too, plays a large part on board. Well-known performers provide the entertainment, while lectures and other enrichment opportunities allow passengers to be fully immersed in each culture before exploring a port. Dining options additionally may reflect the local cuisine.

Although family accommodations, such as activities or even nannies, may be a possibility, the experience associated with luxury cruise lines tends to cater toward adults.

River Cruises

River Cruise Lines

Through our services, Viking River Cruises provides trips to Europe's interior: along the continent's major rivers, on which many centuries old cities are situated. Such trips tend to be more relaxed and are a great opportunity for experiencing history and a wide range of dining choices and culture. Beyond Europe, river cruises – one of the growing markets in the industry – are also options for seeing parts of East and Southeast Asia.



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