Carnival Cruises to Canada & New England

Once the ship sails into the Atlantic’s calm waters, you pass by the stunning landscape of New England – trees with leaves changing from lush green to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows form the backdrop for small coastal towns, lighthouses, and historical points from the 18th century. With Carnival, this tranquil trip presents not only a visually-stunning experience but one that lets you into this crucial corner of North American history – and as you do it, the “Fun Ship” concept takes you between points in the Northeast and Eastern Canada.

While ports let you into history dating back to the colonial times, Carnival has selected some of the most recognizable locations in the United States and Canada. Modern-day cities blend with Old World charm and take you to the edge of Canada’s extensive wilderness.


Carnival’s cruises to Canada depart from New York, and as of 2014, all trips are on board the Carnival Splendor.

Before going above the border, you’ll experience a bit of New England first. Ships stop in Boston and Portland, ME, giving you an opportunity to not only take in the changing landscape but to visit museums, take historical tours, and absorb the culture these major Northeastern Cities.

Although itineraries vary, these round-trip cruises last at least five nights at sea.


Once in Canada, Carnival stops at three of the eastern region’s major ports:

Halifax: The cruise arrives in a large natural harbor to start you on your journey of exploring one of Canada’s most crucial economic and cultural points. Considered one of its major industrial cities, this Nova Scotia spot that still maintains its small-town character attracted immigrants from all over the world in the 1900s, and is now one of Canada’s cultural melting pots.

However, Halifax’s history is far more extensive, dating back to the 18th century. Explore it with a tour of the Citadel, or see wreckage from the Titanic. Afterwards, take in the beautiful landscape around Peggy’s Cove, or go downtown to dine and shop.

St. John: Right on the edge of nature, this town on the Bay of Fundy is both a historical and outdoor enthusiast’s attraction. The New Brunswick location features Victorian architecture throughout, but venturing out leads you to the awe-inspiring Reversing Falls, Fundy Trail Parkway, and locations for kayaking.

Sydney: This second Nova Scotia port is located in Cape Breton County. Ships take you to one of the best harbors for whale-watching, while excursions give you a chance to explore the Cabot trail.

See all there is to see of the Northeast, from landscapes to extensive history, with a Carnival cruise to Canada and New England. Before the leaves start changing color, book your trip today through Direct Line Cruises.

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