Carnival Cruise Lines to Alaska

Do you opt for exploration or the “Fun Ship” experience? When it comes to taking a cruise of Alaska, why not have both? Carnival’s exuberant character and amenities come through as you travel northward, with ports opening the gateway to North America’s untouched natural wonders, Native American and Russian history, and important Klondike Gold Rush sites.

Carnival’s ships approach some of the most stunning landscapes of the panhandle region. From the ship and once you arrive in port, quaint towns are flanked by vast vistas, fjords, and mountains, while wildlife, from humpback whales to birds, can all be observed.

Planning Your Trip

All Carnival Cruises to Alaska depart from Seattle and then spend seven days at sea going round trip. The Carnival Miracle takes this route as of 2014. For a better view of Alaska’s natural wonders, 80 percent of the rooms on this Spirit Class ship feature balconies. Or, visit the 11-story atrium to appreciate Alaska’s stunning sights at a different angle.

From here, the Miracle travels to all main ports on the panhandle: Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Glacier Bay, all while taking the Inside Passage.

Major Ports

Glacier Bay: Considered a must-see port for travelers all over the world, this location lets you into a protected national park covering 3.2 million acres. But that’s far from all you’ll see. This stop’s known for its 15 active glaciers – a particularly exciting site to explore – and extensive wildlife. Be prepared with your camera and hiking gear to observe a variety of sea birds, otters, and humpback whales.

Inside Passage: The portion of Alaska right by British Columbia forms the largest sheltered inland waterway in the world. As such, this unique topography creates a stunning setting for observing wildlife before you arrive in Alaska’s major ports. While you won’t stop anywhere, be ready to spot several orcas and humpback whales from the ship.

Juneau: Alaska’s capital presents many attractions any major American city has, from a variety of shopping and dining, but its proximity to mountains and glaciers opens the door to a great range of outdoor excursions. Plan a trip with cruisers out to one of the area’s many glaciers, hike through the old growth forests or the Pacific Coast rainforest, or stay close to the water for some whale-watching. Juneau’s cultural concentration also makes the perfect opportunity for learning more about Alaskan history.

Ketchikan: This city considered the gateway to the north boasts a thriving art scene and multiple locations for seeing totem poles. As it was once a key frontier town, learn about this portion of American history while you’re in port – and even come up for a lumberjack demonstration!

Skagway: Pioneers during the Klondike Gold Rush gravitated toward Skagway, and for modern travelers, many of the same sites – including saloons and brothels – remain intact.

Tracy Arm Fjord: One of Alaska’s most stunning landscapes features two 30-mile fjords, with 20 percent of the land covered in ice. Bring out your camera to capture waterfalls, falling chunks of ice, and the ecosystem’s wildlife.

Get a feel for all aspects of Alaska’s past and current culture with a Carnival cruise. To find a ship departing from Seattle and to start making arrangements, begin planning and purchasing with Direct Line Cruises today.

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