Princess Cruises to Africa

Out of all cruise markets, Africa is the least untapped. Wildlife, culture ranging from the bustling port of Casablanca all the way down to Cape Town, and thousands of years of history make a cruise experience like no other, and ahead of other contemporary lines, Princess schedules trips providing an extensive view of this continent.

Ships coming from Asia or going north toward Europe explore both sides. On one, vessels stop in the Middle East to travel through the eastern islands, like the Seychelles and Reunion, and then pass through South Africa. On the others, ships enter or depart from Cape Town and then proceed north over the west coast.

In the process, cruisers get a sense of the continent’s varied cultures and history, be it the Zulu homeland in South Africa, major empires in Benin and Senegal, and centuries of North African trade out of Casablanca.

Getting There

Princess includes Africa with its world cruise and Asia itineraries, such as the following:

From Asia: After the ship tours multiple Middle Eastern ports, it then makes stops in the Indian Ocean. Travelers get to experience the sights and culture of the Seychelles Islands, Mauritius, and Reunion before arriving on the continent’s mainland to explore Durban, East London, and Cape Town in South Africa. The total cruise, including both Asian and African ports, lasts 31 days.

West Africa: Although ships may come from Asia, these cruises frequently begin in Cape Town and then journey up the coast to London. From here, the cruise introduces travelers to the cultures, sites, and tastes of Namibia, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Senegal, Cape Verde, the Canary Islands, and Casablanca, Morocco, before sailing to ports in France and Belgium.

Multiple vessels may make this journey:

• Diamond Princess – Travelers select this ship for its exotic cuisine options on board and elegant dining rooms. Rounding out the experience are Princess’ Movies Under the Stars and adults-only relaxation in The Sanctuary.
• Ocean Princess – One of Princess’ smaller ships, holding just 680 passengers, is reserved just for exotic destinations.
• Sapphire Princess – This modern, attractive vessel features 700 balconies and attentive service in the staterooms.
• Sea Princess – Adults enjoy this cruise ship for the attentive service and luxury breakfasts.
• Sun Princess – Balconies make a prominent feature on this ship, which also offers The Sanctuary and Movies Under The Stars.

Popular Ports

Out of any cruise line, Princess has the most comprehensive coverage of Africa, including the following ports:

Cape Town: An overnight destination on many cruises, this South African city is one of the oldest European settlements on the continent. Through excursions, see exotic wildlife at the Good Hope Nature Reserve and Boulders Beach, and get to know the multicultural facets making up South Africa’s history.

Durban: Located on South Africa’s western side, this port offers a subtropical climate perfect for spending a day on Golden Mile Beach or exploring the Zulu homeland.

Dakar: This major Senegalese city was once the center of French West Africa, with both European and ancient African influences seen throughout in the present. Or, take an excursion to Lake Retba, known for its pink waters.

Casablanca: Although the film of the same name made this city famous, Casablanca has been used as a port since the days of the Phoenicians. Today, centuries’ old architecture is juxtaposed with modern commercial buildings.

Get to experience thousands of years of history, modern culture, and exotic wildlife with an African cruise. Begin scheduling your trip with Princess through Direct Line Cruises today.

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