Crystal Cruises to Alaska

Get a new perspective on the wilderness. Crystal Cruises, rather than start in the Pacific Northwest and then travel up the coast, begins in East Asia. Cruisers, in return, get a fuller picture of the northern Pacific region, one of major cities’ cosmopolitan qualities, of glaciers and other beautiful natural wonders, and the changing landscape and wildlife as the ship travels along the perimeter.

Two cruises take travelers to various ports in Alaska, with the Crystal Symphony taking both routes. The Crystal Symphony, a ship introduced in 1995, holds 922 passengers and, as of 2009, went through both a makeover and a refitting.

Glacial Grandeur

Travelers begin this trip in the buzzing, illuminated atmosphere of Tokyo and finish in San Francisco, after spending 23 days at sea.

The first part of the cruise spends time in various Japanese and Russian ports – a chance to explore Eastern culture, history, and the landscape before the ship sails across the northern Pacific.

Once in Alaska, Crystal gives a comprehensive tour of this northern state, touching upon its unique, beautiful frigid landscape, Klondike Gold Rush history, Russian influence in the U.S., and Native American culture. Itineraries feature stops in Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, Seward, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Vancouver.

On board the ship, get a full, immersive experience with enrichment activities, lecturers, or writers making a guest appearance.

Pagodas & Puffins

Crystal spends several days at sea traveling from Tokyo to Vancouver. In the process, the luxury cruise line strays away from the typical activities and ports and, instead, opts for the seldom-explored destinations dotting the northern Pacific.

After leaving Asia, the ship sails toward Alaska to stop in Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, Seward, Ketchikan, and Vancouver. The route allows for optimally viewing Alaska’s breathtaking landscape, with several chances to observe fjords and glaciers from the ship.

Take advantage of a wide variety of excursions in each port, with options offering unique glimpses into Alaska’s history, including Russian, American, and Native American aspects, and modern character. Trips take cruisers out to several historic sites and nature parks, including Kenai Fjords National Park, or for a comprehensive view from above, opt for a helicopter tour. Or, take an opportunity to observe the wildlife or go whale watching.

Absorb all the characteristics that make Alaska unique and exciting with a cruise, all while observing the landscape, wildlife, and cultural changes from Asia to North America. To schedule your trip, select an itinerary, reserve it, and find great deals through Direct Line Cruises.

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