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Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas

Grandeur of the Seas CentrumGrandeur of the Seas Fast Facts:
Maiden Voyage: 12/14/96
Renovated: Spring 2012 (Read about the exciting new enhancements)
Passenger Capacity: 2,446
Gross Tonnage: 73,817
Length: 916’
Max Beam: 106’
Draft: 25’
Cruising Speed: 22 knots

Look up the word “grandeur” in the dictionary and it says, “the quality or state of being impressive or awesome.” Indeed, this Vision-class ship is just that!  Although she is not a new ship, and she is not a large ship by today’s standards, her classic design and intimate size make her worthy of her name.

There is no better way to spend a hot, sunny day at sea than by lounging by the pool on deck 9 of the Grandeur of the Seas. Add an icy cold drink, and band playing Caribbean pop in the background and it might just be a perfect day!  Then, when your skin turns the perfect shade of bronze, cool off in the pool or take a soak in one of the four whirlpools that border it. Or Grandeur of the Seas Poolevade anyone under sixteen by relaxing in the Moorish themed solarium, an adult only area with its own pool and hot tubs. Here the day is always perfect, because at the hint of a drizzle, the crystal canopy closes out inclement weather. Note that from 10:30am to 6:30pm, and from 9:00pm to midnight, the Solarium Cafe on Grandeur of the Seas serves up pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers!

At 200 feet above sea level and towering 30 feet above the deck, the rock-climbing wall offers an incredible view and is one of the most popular onboard activities. Whether it’s your first time on a rock wall or if you’re a seasoned climber, there are challenges for all levels of experience. However, if you prefer to get your exercise with both feet on the ground, so to speak, the fitness center is just the place. There is also an outdoor jogging track.

Grandeur of the Seas Dining RoomThe elegant two-tier Great Gatsby dining room serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dining times for the evening meal are around 6 pm for traditional main seating or around 8 pm for traditional late seating.  Guests that prefer more flexibility can choose open seating called My Time Dining.

The Windjammer Café, found on all Royal Caribbean ships is open for breakfast and lunch, buffet style, and late afternoon and late evening snacks. At night, service steps up a notch. Service is tableside, and food is offered off a menu.

The Palladium Theater features a Las Vegas style show starring the talented Royal Caribbean singers and dancers. During the rest of the week there are a variety of shows that may include musicians, singers, comedians or magicians.

Grandeur of the Seas CasinoThe Casino Royale features an array of world-class casino table games, such as blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker, as well as dozens of unique slot machine games to choose from. There are onboard lessons for novice players and tournaments for the more advanced.

Wrap up an evening at any one of the eight bars / lounges aboard the Grandeur.  The Viking Crown Lounge and the Singing in the Rain Lounge are lovely with their walls of glass windows. They’re both nice places to sit with a good book on a day in which you’re looking to escape the sun for a few hours.  The views are amazing! Dancing feet will enjoy the South Pacific Lounge and the Schooner Bar is always a fun place to spend some time, especially when a piano player is there. The music is a bit softer at the Champagne Bar.

Grandeur of the SeasFun isn’t just for adults at Royal Caribbean. Kids from 3-17 are invited to take part in their exciting, complimentary Adventure Ocean Youth Programs. Run by an energetic and fully qualified staff, the program is tailored to fit five separate age groups meaning your child will always be enjoying age appropriate activities.

The Grandeur of the Seas itineraries include both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, depending on the time of year.

Sail Date:Itinerary:Departure Port:Rates From:
September 26, 20146 NIGHT BERMUDA CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $679 per person
October 02, 20148 NIGHT CANADA CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $1,221 per person
October 10, 20146 NIGHT BERMUDA CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $689 per person
October 16, 20148 NIGHT CANADA CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $1,299 per person
October 24, 20148 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $524 per person
November 01, 201410 NIGHT WESTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $1,007 per person
November 11, 201410 NIGHT EASTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $702 per person
November 21, 20148 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $715 per person
November 29, 201410 NIGHT WESTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $718 per person
December 09, 201410 NIGHT EASTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $828 per person
December 19, 20148 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $799 per person
December 27, 201410 NIGHT WESTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $1,839 per person
January 06, 201510 NIGHT EASTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $717 per person
January 16, 20158 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $607 per person
January 24, 201510 NIGHT WESTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $875 per person
February 03, 201510 NIGHT EASTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $725 per person
February 13, 20158 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $609 per person
February 21, 201510 NIGHT WESTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $691 per person
March 03, 201510 NIGHT EASTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $683 per person
March 13, 20158 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $658 per person
March 21, 201510 NIGHT WESTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $785 per person
March 31, 201510 NIGHT EASTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $726 per person
April 10, 20158 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $590 per person
April 18, 201510 NIGHT WESTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $799 per person
April 28, 201510 NIGHT EASTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $649 per person
May 08, 20157 NIGHT BERMUDA CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $704 per person
May 15, 20157 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $623 per person
May 22, 20157 NIGHT BERMUDA CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $739 per person
May 29, 20157 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $652 per person
June 05, 20157 NIGHT BERMUDA CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $789 per person
June 12, 20157 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $782 per person
June 19, 20157 NIGHT BERMUDA CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $853 per person
June 26, 20157 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $823 per person
July 03, 20157 NIGHT BERMUDA CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $831 per person
July 10, 20157 NIGHT BAHAMAS CRUISEBaltimore, MDFrom $818 per person

Consumer Review:Being a Platinum member of the Crown & Anchor Society is a definite benefit on embarkation/disembarkation -- for that I thank RCCL. The tour to Lunenberg (Halifax) could have skipped Malone Bay and the walk along the busy main street to provide more time on the Lunenberg docks to tour the Bluenose II. The St John's Duck tour was excellent -- the guide was a native who just got his Master's in Library Science from Catholic University & was extremely knowledgeable!
Consumer Review:Dining room food and service were excellent; Windjammer cafe was not as impressive. The food was okay at best. Our stateroom attendant was wonderful. The ship offered alot of activities for everyone. The only complaint is that the Viking Lounge closed a little too early. Overall, the trip was great. I would definitely go again.
Consumer Review:Excellent ship, staff and port!!
Consumer Review:Food was abundant and very good. Entertainment was excellent. Ship was very clean. Never got seasick Service was attentive and very polite & friendly
Consumer Review:Granduer of the Seas, did not meet my expectations, my servers for dinner where EXCELLENT, however the food quality was not up to par, if I was at a stand alone site, I would ask to speak to chef!! Servers for breakfast and lunch always seemed to be in a hurry wanting us to hurry up and eat and leave, this did not make these meals enjoyable. Food in the Windjammer was not very good either. It was also very bad planning to have only the Windjammer opened on the sailing day from Bermuda, you had the vast majoirty of the passengers trying to eat luch in one place, very, very poor planning!!! The cocktail servers were very curt almost rude if you didn't purchase drinks, when drinks were purchased they seemed very watered down, again just not up to par. Didn't like all the "buy this special glass offers", just sell me a good drink! My stateroom service was just Ok, 2 out of the five nights we did not get turn down or informationally sheets for the next days activities I had to go and hunt them down so I would know what was going on. The first night we had to ask and then calll to housekeeping 2 times, just to get the cabins configured correctly, it was after midnight before my young child was able to go to bed, this was unacceptable. Pursers, at desk were not very nice, almost as if it was a bother. I will definitely not recommend Granduer to an of my many friends.
Consumer Review:had a grande suite with no note indicating drinkability of the tap watrer. there was lots of expemsive bottled water available in this expensive suite. Suite room service menu was expansive and interesting but when we tried to order something it was never available. Suite was very nice and staff were all helpful Food was good and plentiful but there were no speciaty dining areas. A good trip
Consumer Review:I cruised from November 5 - November 14, 2009. This was my first cruise, so I hope this review helps another newbie like me. After my cruise The Granduer of the Seas will be leaving from Florida instead of Baltimore for a while. Here are my thoughts: Food: I am in good shape and even passed my physical before the cruise. I don't have high blood pressure or other similar issues, but the food had too much sodium in it and my thighs, legs, ankles, face and eyes swelled up a lot. I had fruit and vegetables, but also ate more than I normally would of the other foods. I guess this is expected on a cruise, so on my next cruise, I would consider other dietary options, such as organic or low sodium. Overall, the main dining room experience (The Great Gatsby) was good due to the good food (especially the steak, salmon, shrimp, lobster and desserts) and wait staff. The assigned dinning times are 7 pm and 8:30 pm, in which you sit at the same table each night (if you decide to eat in the main dining room each night). I skipped a few of my the main dining times because I didn't feel like dressing up for dinner or this time conflicted with the entertainment I wanted to attend. The specialty restaurants (Windjammer and Solarium) are where you have to watch your food intake. The Windjammer is a buffet-style restaurant with a variety of foods available from the morning to 9:30 or 10 pm (with a brief closing before dinner time). The Solarium offers pizza, hot dogs, hamburger and fries when the Windjammer restaurant is closed until 3 am. The staff all all the restaurants were friendly and helpful for the most part. Onboard Entertainment: Overall, I think the entertainment allowed for different age groups to have fun. It seemed like the average age group on the cruise was 65 - 75, but think it was decent for people like me in their mid forties. I enjoyed the Motown singing group, movies, comedy shows, night club, the cruise ship entertainers, karaoke and similar acts. For the older crowd, there were ballroom dancing classes, bingo, ballroom dancing music in the open public areas and other similar activities. Also available was the gym, wall climbing, pools, hot tubs, pool volleyball, pool-side parties and similar activities. Ports of Call: We visited San Juan, Puetro Rico; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; Samana, Dominican Republic; and Labadee, Haiti. I decided not to do any excursions on this trip, I did whatever I felt like when I got off the ship. Due to the time we arrived (3:30 pm instead of 2 pm) in San Juan, there wasn't much time to shop or do other things before it got dark. I felt safe walking around there and wasn't harassed while shopping. We had to board the ship by 10:30 pm. Charlotte Amalie was very friendly and there were many things to do their. We arrived about 8 am (was scheduled for 7 am), I decided to explore the city by walking and talking to people. I later took a cab downtown (about 2.5 miles from the port) to shop and explore the city a little more. I felt very comfortable there and was never and wasn't harassed by anyone. I felt that Samana was the worse of the ports due to the kids and adults begging for money, of course they follow you as you shop and harass you. This was very depressing for me to see the poverty and children doing "whatever" is needed to make a dollar, including painting their bodies and dancing to music or looking for opportunities to take your purse. Make sure you stay together with a group and not walk around a lone. I would not eat or drink anything here, plus be mindful of being directed by the natives to places to eat where there's a restaurant and hotel combination since there are some questionable sexual and drug activities going on in these places and they try to include the tourists. I liked visiting Labadee since it was a private beach/island that is leased by Royal Caribbean. The island is quiet and serene with a lot of activities to enjoy the water. The beach could've been maintained a little better to prevent people from cutting their feet (manicuring it by removing the rocks for example). The natives were nice, but a little aggressive since the way they make all their money by selling items. We were not allowed outside this private island, but I understand you wouldn't want to see the poverty and conditions of this community off the island. I found a hammock and fell asleep without being disturbed or uncomfortable.
Consumer Review:It was a great vacation. We had no dissapointment or bad moment during our cruise.
Consumer Review:My husband and I did not like the music in the pool area - it was bobblehead music. It was not relaxing and it was too loud. We were hoping for more Carribean, reaage, calypso or steel drum music. After all we were heading to Bermuda!!! The social director and her husband are still living in the disco age.
Consumer Review:not enough shore excursions to the beaches or city bus tours. we were unable to get one either day we were in port and had to settle for boat tours only which didn't show us much.
Consumer Review:Ship crew members were extremely friendly. Our state room attendant was exceptional. The only thing that would keep me from sailing with Royal Caribbean again was their dining room times. Even though I requested the early seating I was assigned to the late seating and they told me that it could not be changed. I cannot eat at 8:30 without incurring disgestive problems for the rest of the night. Therefore, I was resigned to eating in the casual Windjammer Cafe every night and never got to experience the main dining room. This really upset me after talking to another couple who said that there were 2 seats not occupied at their table during the early seating throughout the entire cruise!
Consumer Review:The Royal Caribbean staff onboard the Grandeur of the Seas couldn 't have been any nicer, friendlier, or more helpful. They all take their jobs very seriously and do a great job. The chef had a nice selection of food, wonderful soups and appetizers and good size portions. The breakfast buffet has great variety, and the omelettes are the BEST! Our friends went on a snorkeling excursion, and they praised that as well. We plan to do another cruise and take the kids next time so they can enjoy the experience too.
Consumer Review:The ship was late getting into port at the start of the cruise. The boarding process was an absolute disaster. It took over 2 hours to check in and get to our room. All the time was standing. Royal Caribbean finally brought out some drinks after an hour and a half. This was clearly not the norm, as we have sailed on RC before. However, this was clearly a very bad start to the cruise.
Consumer Review:They had(RCL) the best coffee of any cruise we have taken,NCL has the worst! The TV also provided FOX news channel,which was a welcomed change,from the doom and gloom of CNN Music on the elevators,dining room and near the Pursors'counter was too loud. Yuk ! Some how my wife was seated at another table,this was explained as a "typo".The mistake was corrected,but not without some discussion.We were not happy !!!!! They finally arranged a table for our party of four(including my wife,which was nice !).
Consumer Review:This cruise to Bermuda could not have been any better! The appearance of the ship and the friendliness of the crew was the one of the best experiences we have ever had. We took two land excursions: the nightime glass bottom boat and the three hour bike ride. They were perfect and allowed us to really experience Bermuda off the beaten path! Thanks for a job well and exceptionally done!
Consumer Review:This was my wifes first itme at sea. Because of the friendly atmosphere that the captain and his crew presented to their guests this made my wifes first cruise the most wonderful experience and a chance to enjoy the romance of the sea, as I did while in the service many years ago. Thank you Direct Line Cruises and Royal Caribbean International for making a dream come true.
Consumer Review:Very pleasant overall experience.
Consumer Review:We took the same cruise the previous year. We felt the food was not quite as good this year as it was last. I was surprised that there was no hand sanitizer available in or outside the restaurants. With all the norovirus and swine flu scares, I expected more precautions. Although, I did not hear of anyone getting sick. I am a platinum member in the Crown and Anchor society and I felt the coupon book was not as good this year than last.
Consumer Review:We very much enjoyed our cruise with Royal Caribbean. The customer service was exemplary. The staff took great care of us for our entire stay. The food was delicious and overall our experience was enjoyable and relaxing. Our only complaints are being charged for a laundry service that was delivered to another stateroom and we waited three days for it to be found. The service was offered as 24-hour. We tried to get the amount removed from our bill, but Royal Caribbean refused to remove the charge even though we were initially told that it would be. In addition, my glasses were left on the night stand and when I returned to the stateroom that evening they were bent. It appeared as though someone had stepped on them. I will have to take them to my optometrist to have them fixed.
Consumer Review:We were on the Grandeur 2 years ago. At that time I thought we were told the ship was going into dry dock to be refurbished, whihc it needed. That was one of the reasons we considered this cruise as we thought the ship had been upgraded from the last time we were on it. Apparently that wasn't the case. Although we had a wonderful cruise, relaxed, met some great people, saw some good entertainment and the service was excellent, I was dissappointed in the overall appearance and condition of the Grandeur of the Seas.
Consumer Review:We were very satisfied with the superb customer service we received from our Agent Gloria of Direct Line Cruises and the total cruise experience on the Royal Carribean Grandeur of the Seas.
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