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Carnival Cruises

Known for its "Fun Ships", Carnival has turned into the world's most popular and well recognized cruise line in the industry offering a wide range of itineraries, entertainment, and activities onboard. Trips start at three to four nights and can go all the way to 20+night cruise vacations. Carnival offers US residents the ultimate flexibility by providing the largest selection of cruise departure ports available in the United States. Guests can jump on a Carnival cruise from popular cities such as Charleston, South Carolina; New York City; Baltimore, Maryland; Miami, Florida and Long Beach, California.

Dining onboard a Carnival Cruise ShipWhat can you expect on a Carnival cruise? Whether you're a traveler who prefers to soak up the sun or who wants to partake in as many exhilarating activities as possible, Carnival cruise shops present options for all. While on the ship, guests can spend their time dancing the night away, relaxing with a drink at the piano bar or enjoying some laughs at a comedy club. Outdoor activities are widely available as the majority of Carnival Cruise ships feature multiple pools, hot tubs, water parks and even miniature golf. The options are endless onboard a Carnival Cruise.

Carnival CasinosDining options are plentiful on a Carnival Cruise. Guests sailing on Carnival can choose from a wide selection of dining options such as a casual buffet, outdoor barbecue, 24-hour room service, formal dining and specialty dining such as Carnival's signature steakhouse and Japanese restaurants.

So, what are you waiting for; find out today why Carnival has earned the title of the worlds most popular cruise line.



Carnival Cruise Line History

Carnival Cruise Lines was not the first company to offer cruises.  As everybody knows, cruise ships have been around for hundreds (maybe thousands) of years.  But, it wasn't until the mid 1970s that a man named Ted Arison forever changed the concept of cruising from a means of transportation to a vacation experience when, in 1972, he launched the Carnival Mardi Gras on its maiden voyage from Miami.  Of course, big ocean liners (like the Titanic) were in service long before 1972, but their main purpose was simply to transport people from one side of the ocean to the other.  While affluent guests made the voyage in luxury, those less fortunate were confined to steerage.  But, rich or poor, all who traveled by cruise ship did so simply to get from Point A to Point B.

Ted Arison's vision was that a cruise should enable a person of average means to visit interesting places (like the Bahamas or the Caribbean Islands) that they might not otherwise have an opportunity to see, and the it should include value-packed meals, entertainment and activities that would become one of the main attractions.  Unfortunately, Mr. Arisons vision almost ended immediately when the Mardi Gras ran aground on a sandbar before it ever reached the open seas.  But, despite the early mishap, Ted Arison didn't give up and, today, Carnival Corporation (as the parent company of Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America, Cunard, Princess, Costa and several other well-known cruise brands) is the largest and most diverse cruise company in the world.

With so many brands being part of the Carnival Corporation, it is only fitting that the original brand, Carnival, remains most consistent with the original concept that Mr. Arison had in mind when he first founded Carnival Cruise Lines.  Known throughout the world for its Fun Ships, Carnival has maintained its reputation for offering a value-packed vacation experience for people of average means.  And, because cruising in now enjoyed by millions of people every year, the quality of a Carnival cruise has increased dramatically from the early days to where the brand is now chosen by a wide cross-section of people from all age groups and income levels.  Its truly a representative sampling of America and Americans from all walks of life.


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