Bahamas Cruises from Port Canaveral, Florida

When you’re looking to spend more time in the Bahamas, start from a port that’s not far away. Port Canaveral, right by Orlando, presents travelers with such an option. As a result, your itinerary includes time spend on the ocean and then at least two ports in the island nation.

Cruise Lines

Because of the proximity, several major cruise lines travel from Port Canaveral, Florida, to the Bahamas:
• Carnival Cruise Line
• Royal Caribbean
• Disney Cruise Line
• Norwegian Cruise Line

Trips with this itinerary last at least three nights or longer.


When you’re leaving from this location, your itinerary may include one or more of the following ports:

Freeport: The country’s northernmost city features a mildly cosmopolitan character, but its small size places you close to many of the Bahamas’ ecotourism attractions. In town, enjoy duty-free shopping, various resorts, hotels, and beaches, but don’t just restrict yourself to the city’s center. Be sure to schedule an excursion out to the Garden of the Groves, Lucayan National Park, and other outdoor activities.

Nassau:The Bahamas’ capital is a must-visit location for multiple reasons. One, its architecture of pastel-colored buildings represents the country’s melting pot culture of Caribbean, English, and African influences. Second, as it’s the country’s most populous location, you’ll have ample opportunities for duty-free shopping, visiting casinos, and dining in a range of restaurants. Not to mention, it’s the Bahamas’ nightlife hotspot.

Coco Cay: Out of all ports you could possibly visit, Coco Cay lets you into an atmosphere most akin to a resort. Here, get the chance to relax on soft white sands, enjoy delicious seaside dining, and have the opportunity to explore various nearby natural wonders and shipwrecks.

Interested in seeing the Bahamas, whether for your first time or again? Consider starting your trip from Port Canaveral. To begin planning, browse Direct Line Cruises today for itineraries and deals.