Bahamas Cruises from Miami, Florida

Considering a trip to the Bahamas? You’ll get the greatest variety in cruise ship experiences if you depart from Miami, Florida.

The city’s location is optimal for this itinerary. Right by the Keys, the port’s not too far away from this Caribbean nation, so trips tend to include stops in both locations.

As well, because of the relative closeness, cruises from this port offer a short yet delightful getaway to a tropical paradise. Depending upon the line you choose, an itinerary may be just two nights at sea – just enough to experience the beaches and natural beauty during a long weekend.

Cruise Lines

Multiple contemporary lines depart from Miami to the Bahamas throughout the year:

• Norwegian Cruise Line
• Royal Caribbean
• Carnival Cruise Line
• Disney Cruise Line

While, out of this group, Norwegian offers two-night itineraries, the typical ship spends three to five nights on the ocean or in port.


Several cruise lines dock in Key West first before jetting off to the Bahamas. Once there, your itinerary may include:

Half Moon Cay: When you want to experience an entirely new location, Half Moon Cay envelopes you in natural beauty, no matter if you’re spending time on the beach or exploring the area’s lagoons.

Freeport: The Bahamas’ northernmost city reflects what draws many travelers to this country – duty-free shopping, resorts, beaches, and hotels. While your cosmopolitan side might enjoy spending time in Freeport’s center, you’ll have an unforgettable experience if you explore beyond. Freeport’s turned into an ecotourism destination for its natural beauty, embodied by such locations as Garden of the Groves and Lucayan National Park.

Nassau: Everything about this port is bustling and busy. So, if you’re the type to get swept up in that atmosphere, you’ll find your calling at the many casinos, beaches, restaurants, nightclubs, and duty-free shops. Yet, you can also take it easy and on your own terms, whether that means a visit to take in the city’s unique architecture, cultural melting pot, or natural attractions.

Coco Cay: While more of a resort than any other port in the Bahamas, Coco Cay is all about relaxation with its private beaches, seaside dining, and tours to natural wonders and shipwrecks.

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