Bahamas Cruises from New York City

A vacation whisking you away to the Bahamas shouldn’t start with a long drive to the South. Instead, if you currently reside in the Mid-Atlantic region, you have the option of starting from New York City – and get a diverse range of cruise lines to boot.

The Bahamas is a choice destination for many travelers. Its soft, white sands present the prime location for enjoying the sun and the surf, outdoor enthusiasts can swim or kayak through clear blue waters, and the island’s architecture and history are things of marvel. So, for planning your trip, what can you do?

Cruise Lines

Both Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line offer Bahamas cruise itineraries sailing round-trip from New York City. Trips start at seven nights and last up to 14 nights, depending upon the itinerary.

Ports & Itineraries

You have a choice of three basic itineraries:

• Round-trip cruises that take you to one or more ports in the Bahamas and back to New York.
• Longer round-trip cruises that go to the Bahamas, make a stop in Bermuda or another Caribbean location, and then return to New York.
• Round-trip cruises that spend time in the Bahamas and then return to the mainland on the way back for stops in Canada and New England.

Once you’re in the Bahamas, your ship may stop in:

Nassau: Out of all possible destinations in the Bahamas, Nassau, the country’s capital, is a must-see for a few reasons. One, the city is a cultural melting pot, characterized by Caribbean, African, and European influences. Second, it’s the heart of nightlife and shopping in the Bahamas, with duty-free shops, clubs, and casinos abounding. Of course, as you’re on a cruise, you’ll get ample time to relax on the beach and explore its natural attractions, including Predator Lagoon and Blackbeard’s Cay.

Half Moon Cay: As a contrast to the big-city character of Nassau, Half Moon Cay is known for its natural wonders – so much that many around the world consider it an ecotourism destination. Make it a priority, then, to explore its beaches and lagoons.

Great Stirrup Cay: Norwegian Cruise Lines turned this location, part of the Berry Islands, into its own private resort. Nearly all NCL itineraries include this stop, known for its white sandy beaches, designated snorkeling area, clear blue waters, and WaveRunner®. As well, NCL equipped the area with an 8,500 square foot buffet and private beachfront cabanas.

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