Have you been issued a Future Cruise Credit? If so, we are here to help you plan your next dream cruise vacation. For recently cancelled sailings, many of the cruise lines have provided BONUS Future Cruise Credits to be utilized and redeemed with NEW cruise reservations. Plus, several of our cruise line partners are offering INCREDIBLY low rates, great perks along with flexible / risk-free cancellation policies (in the event that you change your mind at a later date).

On top of all this, Direct Line Cuises is now providing up to $1,500* in FREE onboard credits with our CRUISING IS BACK sale. Simply book your cruise ONLINE through DirectLineCruises.com and you will receive free onboard spending credits up to $1,500*.

Wait, it gets even better! For a LIMITED time, Direct Line Cruises is providing
RISK-FREE reservations online. That's right, you may place a complimentary / courtesy hold on practically any cruise online (with NO money down*). So, if you have a Future Cruise Certificate, simply place a hold on your desired cruise itinerary online and then our team will follow-up to request and apply your FutureCruise Certificate as payment.

There's no need to wait on hold calling your travel agency or the cruise line just to redeem your Future Cruise Certificate. At Direct Line Cruises, we have the ONLINE solution for you. Reserve your cruise ONLINE (with NO money down) and our team will then follow-up to assist applying your Future Cruise Certificate. It's just that simple!

To search online by cruise line, use any of the below links:


POST RESERVATION INSTRUCTIONS: Once your stateroom is held online, our team will follow-up to ensure your Future Cruise Certificate is properly applied as payment to secure the reservation.

WANT TO REQUEST ASSISTANCE FROM A CRUISE SPECIALIST? If you are uncomforable booking online, Direct Line Cruises has cruise consultants standing-by that can assist in applying your Future Cruise Certificate to a NEW reservation. Simply call 1-800-352-8088 to speak with a cruise specialist.

Terms & Conditions: Above program applies to NEW reservations made on or after April 17, 2020. Our Risk-Free reservation program allows users of DirectLineCruises.com to place a courtesy hold on a selected cruise itinerary. The stateroom will be held with no money down for a limited period of time anywhere from 24-hours to 7 days. Hold time will vary based on cruise line, itinerary, sail date and stateroom selection. Direct Line Cruises will follow-up once reservation is held to secure either a Future Cruise Certificate or Credit Card for payment. If no payment or Future Cruise Certificate is applied, guest understands that the courtesy hold will expire. Above Risk-Free (No Money-Down) program allows users of Direct LineCruises.com to place a temporary courtesy hold on select cruise itineraries for a limited period of time. User of DirectLineCruises.com understands that a payment at a later date ranging from 24 hours to 7 days will be required in order to secure and finalize reservation. Cruising is Back Sale Onboard Credit offer provides onboard credits up to $1,500 and amounts will vary based on total pricing of cruise (excluding port charges, taxes and miscellaneous fees). Specific onboard credit amount will be shown at step 3 (category selection screen of the booking process). Based on pricing and availability, some itineraries may not provide up to $1,500 in onboard credits. Proceed to the category selection screen to determine the specific onboard credit amount along with the eligibility requirements. The specific amount of onboard credit will vary based on stateroom selection, occupancy, fare code & pricing. Onboard credits are provided on a per stateroom basis.