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Alaska Cruises

Alaska CruisesRugged mountain scenery, crystalline waters, spectacular glacial formations, rarely seen wildlife, and rainbow Northern Lights all await you when taking a cruise to Alaska. Though Alaska is the 50th state in the union, no where else in the nation bears even a slight resemblance to this wintry paradise. Arguably the most majestic land in the country, Alaska continuously brings wonder and awe to all who take a cruise there.

Alaska Cruise TourCruises to Alaska are the most popular way to experience this unspoiled realm. Meandering through the icy waters, cruise ships offer the best opportunity to view the jagged coastline and the wonders of the waters themselves. Porting at various Alaska towns along the way, these cruises provide a broad window into the culture and natural beauty of Alaska.

An Alaskan cruise is one of the best all-around vacations you can imagine. With outdoor adventure during the day and Alaska Shore Excursiononboard adventure at night, you only rest when you choose. Cruise vacations offermaximum convenience because you can visit several different cities and towns without ever having to pack up and move. When your transportation is also your accommodations, it doesn't get much better.

Cruising in Alaska during the day, you can enjoy views of the amazing Hubbard glacial field, watch for whales in the water, or just take in the beauty of this unspoiled land. At port, there also are many different activities for you to participate in that let you experience the real Alaska.



There's no greater opportunity to observe the untouched beauty of Alaska than with a cruise. As the most convenient chance you can have, Alaska cruises start from several West Coast locations in the United States and Canada and move northward. Stops, for experiencing wildlife, the culture, and the sights, include several coastal towns and cities in British Columbia and the northernmost State of the Union. Beauty meets ruggedness with an Alaska cruise, with daytime excursions into the area's notable attractions and nighttime activities on board the ship.

Tall, white mountains juxtaposed with clear blue waters characterize Alaska's landscape. This state's natural wonders essentially form possible attractions you could encounter during your cruise. Some possible points you may experience during a cruise to Alaska are:

Denali Park, covering an amount of area greater than Massachusetts, is a popular cruise stop. These 6 million acres of untouched wilderness are additionally home to Mt. McKinley, the highest point, at 20,320 feet, in North America.
Kotzebue, an area located above the Arctic Circle, is a popular place to observe wildlife.
Juneau is Alaska's capital city and has glacial waterfalls and rainforests outside of its borders.
Hubbard Glacier is one of the most active glaciers in the world.

If exploring Alaska, experiencing its landscape, and seeing the breathtaking Northern Lights sound like the ideal vacation itinerary, several cruise lines, from standard to high end, start in West Coast cities and move northward. From Los Angeles, Seattle, Seward, or Vancouver, Carnival, Celebrity, Crystal, Norwegian, Oceania, Regent, Royal Caribbean, and SilverSea cruise ships originate. Typically, an excursion lasts seven days, and itineraries vary.

Alaska Cruises are available from May through September of each year. Paired with the picturesque landscape and, during this time of year, the seasonal foliage are cooler conditions, although temperatures may warm up at certain points. Travelers are advised to prepare to layer with enough garments as needed.


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