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Cruise from Texas

Cruises from Texas

Princess Cruise from Houston, TexasCruise lines departing from Texas typically originate at Galveston, located on the state’s upper coast at the mouth of the Galveston Bay. An ideal location for travelers located or arriving in Houston, the Port of Galveston is outfitted with essential amenities and is adjacent to a handful of enjoyable attractions.

Port of Galveston Because of its location along the perimeter of the Caribbean Sea, this Texas cruise port is home to many popular lines and ships. Cruises departing from Galveston include Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line. Cruises from all lines cover western and eastern Caribbean vacations, and trips depart year round.

For travelers coming into the area, two airports are within driving distance of this port. The Houston Hobby International Airport is 42 miles away, and a shared shuttle ride connects it with the cruise terminal. Slightly farther away, George Bush International is additionally equipped with a shuttle for passengers traveling to the cruise terminal from the airport.

Cruise Terminal TexasAt the port, parking lots are about a half-mile away from the cruise terminal. During your trip, cars and other vehicles are locked safely and securely and monitored by the Port Police after the vessel departs. A continuously-operating shuttle also connects passengers with the lot and check-in area.

Galveston is a 32 mile-long island on the Gulf of Mexico and, cruise departures aside, is a popular tourist destination. Aside from the warm climate, long beaches, delicious seafood restaurants, and shopping offer a rounded vacation experience, even for a pre- or post-cruise trip. The island additionally is home to one of the top-rated water parks in the U.S., the Galveston Railroad Museum, and the Johnson Space Center.


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