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Viking River Cruises Heads Down The Mississippi

  Who has not read Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and not dreamt of a trip down the Mississippi? What an adventure! You may remember that he traveled on a homemade raft. It even had a wigwam on it, perfect for escaping the blazing sun or rainy weather. Right in the middle of... Read More
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Cruising to the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

There are many reasons why St. Martin / St. Maarten is a favorite port of call on a Caribbean cruise…pristine beaches, warm crystal clear water, and glorious weather. But did you know that this picturesque island is also considered the culinary capital of the Caribbean? On your next visit, how about heading out for a... Read More

Star Wars Invades Disney Cruise Line

  Princesses move over…Star Wars is coming to Disney Cruise Line! That’s right! In early 2016, Disney Cruise Line guests can cruise along with the legendary characters of the Star Wars chronicles during a new experience called Stars Wars Day at Sea. What a nice contrast to all the "Frozen" madness that's coming to some... Read More

Why Travel Insurance is a BIG DEAL

I’m surprised at the amount of people that think travel insurance is not a big deal. I just don’t understand that! They think travel insurance is only important if you’re old or maybe have health issues to be concerned about. We at Direct Line Cruises know that couldn’t be further from the truth! Gone are... Read More
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Cruising to Alaska

If you're thinking about taking a vacation this summer, this is a great time to start planning. Looking for a “bucket list” worthy destination? Here's why you should consider a cruise to Alaska. For the outdoorsy, adventurous traveler, it doesn’t get any better than a cruise to Alaska. The shore excursions are amazing! And if you’re... Read More
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Snorkeling On Your Caribbean Cruise

Snorkeling is a fun and relaxing way to view the colorful and fascinating world just beneath the ocean's surface! If you can float you can snorkel! All you need is a plastic mask and a short tube to breathe while floating facedown on the surface of the water. Here are some of the best-rated snorkeling... Read More

Norwegian Cruise Line says “Let it Snow”

Some people cruise to the Caribbean to feel the sun slowly bake them to a shade of golden brown. But if you cruise to the Caribbean aboard the Norwegian Escape, you can experience snow all year long! Yes, you read that right! Welcome to the Snow Room of the Mandera Spa, where the temperature ranges from... Read More
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My New Year’s Travel Resolution

What would the New Year be without those well-intentioned resolutions we sincerely vow to maintain? I, like many, had several slated for 2014. However, since I doubt there is much interest in the failed diet and exercise promises I made myself, as well as my oath of personal growth and self-enrichment, I’ll instead share one... Read More

Cruising the ABC Islands

The ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, are the three western-most islands of the Leeward Antilles in the Caribbean (off the coast of Venezuela). They are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, thus share a Dutch colonial history as well as a West Indian heritage. All are popular ports of call on a Southern... Read More
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The New 2015 Cruise Ships

There’s nothing like the excitement generated by the launching of a new cruise ship! What innovative changes can we look forward to?   Will there be Celebrity chefs and new restaurants? For those of you that like to be amongst the first to step onboard, here are the ships debuting in 2015.   Norwegian Escape... Read More